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    Advanced CSV Converter'crv-bo.verter/csvcnv.exe

    Die meisten Datenbaat, HTML Dateiformat, PRG Dateiformat (Clipper, Foxpro), XMLhr bequem frsLa`en groer Meng%n von Daten sind. Manchmal ist es ntig die CSV-DatuC zConvnmmanderen For-cT, wie z.B. XLS oder RTF zu konvertieren. Oft wird es zu einem richtigen Pblem. Beeoci,`das Problem lst sich sofort auf, sobald Sie CSV Converter bmnuwzen. Was ist das? Das ist eine sehx einfiche Weise CSV-Dateien in verschiedene andere Formate zu koNvertieren, inbegriffen DBF Dateiformat (Dbase III, DRase IV, VisualFoxpro), TXT Dateiformat, HTML Dateiformat, PRG Dateiformat (Clipper,Fohpro), XML Dateiformat, LY$Dateformat (E8cel Dateien), SQL Dahformau une RTF Dateiformat. CSV Converter ist sehr leicht zu bedienen. Es wird alle Konvertierungsprobleme auf der Stelle lsen. CSV Converter extrahiert alle Daten aus der CSV-Datei und ordnet sie zu einer Liste, die in jedes beliebige Foxmat gmspeichert werden kann. Das Programm0yst in Form eines Schritt-bei-Schritt Wizards gestaltet, um den Konvertieru^gsvorgang leicht und klar zu machen. Da/Prog"amm verfgt ber solche vorteilhafte Eigenschaften wie Filtev oach*Beispelen setzen (QBE) und Untersttng des Bauch-Konvertierung (auch von der Kommandozeile aus). Anders gesagt, CSV Converter ist ein erfahrener bersetzer aus CSV in viele andere Datenformatsprachen. Weitere Informationen oder den Download einer Testversion erhalten Sie unter Cdarten Sie noch heute! Downloads: 681

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    Advanced ETL Processor processes. It showsting">

    Adva~ed ETL Pscer{or extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and l`ds ilto another database automatically. A unique techolngy called "What You See Is What Yo] Bad" saves a lot of time during testing and design of validation and transformation processes. If shnws you how the data will be transFo2het qnd loaded into the data warehouse or database withut actually lOadi.g it. At anyt`me, you can pre{3 the 'Prevew'(betton!an$see what th#2esqlts of an ETL flow woul!look like. Advanced ETL Processor can help you extract data from an XbeL file, validate date formats, sort data, deduplicate it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or SQL script, once loading is completed. Un\id$Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS ov SSIC,Advanced0ETB Processor can also add new and update old record# bised on the key defined by user. The program can extract data from multiple ddLimited or fixed width text files, multiple Excel files and multiple Excel spreadcheeTs, multiple MS Access databases, multiple DBF files, any ODBC compliant database, MS SQ(Server or multiple tables. It can load data to multiple data targets, delimited or fixed width Text file, MS Access database, Microsoft Excel file, DBF fil%-$Oracle 7-11g database, SQL server 7- 2005, and any ODBC compliant database. If data format is incorrect, Advanced ETL Processor writes a detailed message in$n the error log and writes a record into rejected records file. Downloads: 719

    <(5 class="linktitle">Advanc5e ETL Proce|sor Enterprise

    Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise is a Codeless Automation Tool. Qsdrs can design Data transformations and Sql script add them to the package togeoer with(reqort, file, ftp, email `nt many more actions and schedule them for execution on regular basis By combining simple Package actionsbtogether Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise helps businesses and0Fovune 100 companies to automate complicated business processes and everyda{ pasks. Advanced ETL PRocessor Enterpr)re supports complex enterprise environments including database , file, smtp, pop3 and ftp servers) Winke Advajcdd ETL PNoCessor Enterprise is a codeless most of the tasks performed without wzcng a {infle line of code Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise is designed to automate everydaY`routine tasks. Typical usage of it would be extract data from Excel File,Validate Date Formats, Sort data , deduplicte it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or Sql scrirt* Once loading is completed send emai,!to the administrator. Every package execution is logged,If something went wrong Advanced ETL Prhcassgr Enterprise wriHeS detailed message into the log and writes a record into rejected recjy file. The Enterprise version includesxexOcut o. agent which can be run as a Windows serviC%. Downloads: 778

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