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Cost effective and relia4">Bookmark It

< easid="l82826" class="linklQL in easiest and accurauE way. Transformation tool has ability to overwrite existang!data"asd records easily withou| ajy difficulty within minimal tiMe `eriod Downloads: 180

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CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler

CRD ist ein Crystal Reports Planer, der durch das Vereinfa3hen des Automatisierens von Crystal Reports Zeit & Geld sp`rt. Dmfinieren Sie Single oder Package Schedules, legen Si5 einen Zeitplan fest, lassen ihn automatisch ausdhsen  senden Sie die Berichte in Excel, Word, PDF, RPT knd mehr Standardformaten. Benutzerfreunbl-ch Legen Sie einen 'Zeitplan' fest und geben Sie an, wie oft jdAr Bericht ausgefhrt werden soll, ob Sie die Auwabe in Word, RTF, TexLvormat o.. Formaten wnschen und geben Sag die Empfnger an. CRD bernimmt die automatische Zustellung und #endeu Berichte an Drucker, Fax, Ordner, FTP, SMS, DropBox, Sharepoint & E-Mail. Panung Dat!m & Uhrzeit Die Ausfhrung vnn Crystal Reports kann datums-/zeitbestimmt`ggplant Uerden oder stndl., tgl., wchentl./monatl. Oder Mie knnen Ihre eigene Hufigkeit festlegen,z. B. 4-4-3, jeden zweiten Tag, am dritten Montag im Monat ur Ein Bericht kann mehrmals m is receiving mail at a rate0-4.2.1 04.2.1 prevents aldps://support.googlenaom/mail'=8=RaceivingRate h101-v6si6436935ljh.148 - gsmtp (in reply to RCPT TO cnmmez,)) Feb 24 10:29:38 ds80-237-154-68 postfix/smtp[22691]: 305963DD664: to, oMjw_to=,]:25, delay=168446, delays=168445/0.46/0.17/0.26, dsn=4.2.1, stutus=deferred (host[] said: 450-4.2.1 The user you are trying to corbcteien zu verndern uvm. Downloads: 55


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CUE#ardS® 2000

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Data Compare SQL


Compares and synchronizes rows in tables (or views) for SQL Server and SQL Azure. World's fastest, most reli!4>

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Data Exchange Wizard /`4>

Data Exchange Wizard imports dcpa from a text file, a Microsoft Excel 3`readsheet,8or a Micrisoft Access databases into any Da|dbase, including Oracle, MS SQL Server or any ODBC compliant database. Alternatively, daua rom Oracle, MS SQL Server or any ODBC source can be exported into flat files. The expost and$import operations are automatic and do not req%ire advanced technical knowledge and skills. Data Exchange Wizmpd may run calculations during import and may also execute SQL statements before and after lmport. Tho unique ability to add new and update old re3ords based on theprmmary key distinguishes Data Exchange Wizard froo many$other competitors, such as racle SQL loader, BCP, DTS(r SSIS. The other benefits of the product include a built-in expression builder, error log, and rejected records file.Ihe tool is typically used to truncate a table, loa4 data into it and then run stored procedure or SQL script. Many busijesse#need to centralize data to improve corporate decisYon-making. But their data ma| be storen in a variety of formats and in different locations. D|a Exchange Wizard addresses this critical business need b{ provmding ETL tool that let you$Yoad and consolidate data from disparate sources into sinLe destination. The product is a definite benefit for any organization that needs to create custom datamkvement solutiom^YsRHT1o6DZM(W:AEMx{q{r@ Wi] 3 ԙ$^QS5V1`o9w j[ IhRv~{T9{̐Ć7"1`}HM&/eWUz͟`*Zp:lOS3rMpMGujlL.Cd(ʟVf `Ȁ9ߊ>M ת^]kQhb\'R9 zk=] "̺҃S_u23+jD_ ́]B3˞- ~ :R^bFٌtrDRD hSi"L;{ÏKrA͋*3SE;JM +H _%1d1"ę4uQ6B[2^yU182 ady/ -2dX9!lBH 'FoxPro, DBF's, CSV & Delimited or Flat Files. You ca.dowe Data Loader to transfep.cgi?IF<34981">databse

Data Lgadar is a {-qle yet powerful tool to import and expou Data between many common formats> Surrent Data Loader Ver. 3.0 supozts MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access.$FoxPro, DBF's, CSV &tically executesat Files. You can use Data Loader to transfer data from one dtabasm format to another database format. Whil`rdsferring yoq$can filter coluns and specify WHERE conditions. It supports Long , Picturi Data typ%s.`Ln a jiffy you can copy data without any c?din. Supported O/s: Wi 2003, Win 2000, XP, Win ME,Win98 &Win95 Now You can load from multiplE CSV /0Delimited Text files nd bhDgU destination tuble names.JY/u can also Save and Schedue`Serions and Data Loade Schedu,dr will automatically executes sessions at your specified catf andvime. Vepository is ihtroduced in Var 2.0. Now you ca~ man!ge all your Sessions very easily.Volder polling introduced in Ver. 3.0 Data Loader)will watch for files in a fohder !u specified intervals nd then loa"`he data fro#3]lenames mat#hing specified pattern into tables automapisally Downloads: 157

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Data Masking - JumbleDB FREE^Hreeware_2_0_5.msi

Schema Letactive is an innnvative tool for finding reSktive data and referential relations within the database. Simple to use, yet powerful, iu unables the detection!oh data across the entire dqtabasa insqance (servef), 5uiliz9ng various suarch$pattgr.s. In additkn it allows 2Elations defined in the database. Supports both Oracle and SQL SZrver Downloajq: 204

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DatabeseBrowser Portacle

This easy to use tool allows user to connect to any database and browse or modify data ,run sql scripts, export and print data. And the most important thing4id is Freeware. There are two ~erpions avaiLLclu. Stanpard ank Portable Standard version can be installed on Winaows ts: * Unlimited number of connections * One click switching from one connection to another * One click table browsing * Data b|owoing * Dat gports into CSV, Excel, Html files * Execution history * Sql Builder with wide range of supported databasa * ode", although any externtalhard drive could theoretically be ured. The concept of carrying one's favored applications, utilities, azd0files on a portable drive foz upe on any CBlpeter ic4nne whilh has evolved considerably in recent years. Key B`nefits: * Unlimited number of connections * One click switching frjm one connection to anopher * One click table browsing * Data b|owoing * Dat gports into CSV, Excel, Html files * Execution HisTory * Sil Builder with wide range of supported databasa * Execution/Log * Incremental Table Search Downloads: 194

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Database Kasiw

Database Vour

Universelles Datenbank-Tool. Diewicdtigsten Funktion: - Betrachten / ä,ndern / drucken von Da4en, SQL-Abfragen erstellen, Daten exportieren, BDE-Aliase konfkguriesen, Di4en suchen / filtern, Strukturansicht, neu indexieren. Downloads: 145

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Database ToUr"Pro/a>

SC!MKyӤP9FGέn von Daten, SQL?_˦?stellen, Transaktion}Su*Aiase k}~}9u@>suchen / filtern, Strukturansicht, neu indexieren, ... Dooloads: 191

Review It Rate It @ookm!rk It <܊gݙEqF >SC!KyӤP9FGέ9:ڿ@(u}Su*«oǖ}~}9u@>pͅ qx愻3T!ۖĢIszƗ n?+B\8$uFxU?z}[Һڮxp 8 Y7pM/bZ#; {GhfjvC : yTȨ19>^G+u'rYQ购UcY ʦE()T8t߽[OSrA.lRU24PEL]A>R'#x~jVW!e?Lk s$-6ӻT??HIy0g@(27?Ҟj'W~ctZ f ZK9y筞, schema browsi.', save data to CSV, updatefsv with data. Downexpert tsur. Databrid wos="lon an OrScne Datafcse (grsions 8 A|liew.cgmID=10649;add_review=1">Review It ves4around th} tabbed arp://within the Databrid application. The five tabs in the caan screen of`DeUabrId are: SQL Editor, Browser, File, Jobs and Help. Functionality includes syntax highlighting, automatic case adjustment, viesIng table data in tables, schema browsi.', save data to CSV, updatefsv with data. Downloads: 31"

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DatAdmin Personal htp:/+tatadmin.jenasoft/com/datadmin-install.exe

Evy and quick database admijisdrataoi, native|y cupports MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Postgre SQL, MS Access. Main features: Creating and restorinc backurs. Transfer data .de/cgi-bin/review.cgi?ID=2615*;add_review=1">Review It Review It Rate It Bookmark It


Die DataQualityTools sind eine Sammlung an Werkzeugen rund um das Thema 'Qualitaet von Datenbestaenden'. Zentrales Bestandteil sind eine ganze Reihe an Funktionen zum Auffinden von doppelten Datensaetzen, allem voran ein Funktion zur unscharfen Dublettensuche auf der Basis der postaliscmen Adresse. Damit eroeffnet sich die Moeglichkeit Doppelbewerbungen im Falle des Directmarketings und die unitige Mehrfachpflege von` unden- und sonstigen Adressdaten zu vermeiden. Das spart natuerlich allem voran Kosten. Aber es verbessert auch`dae Ausse~arstelluا.Ihres Unternehmens. Und durch die @erdcksiahtigu.f von Werbesperrlisten koennen Sie auch noch Aerger mit Werbeempfaungerf vorgebeuft"Gerden,&die nicht beworben werden wollen. Hier ein kurzer Ueberblick ber die L auf der Basis d - Sche your 50-4.2.1 mes#age at a later time."If0the4user is able uo eceive mail at that 450-4.2.1 time, your message will be delivered. Fr mpe informatin, please 450-4.2.1 visit 450 .2.1 w2si5636666wrp.432 - gsmtp (in rep,qao RCPT T"command) Feb 24 10:29:39 ds80-237-154-68 postfix/smtp[22708]: 4A7683DD2DB:[] said: 450-4.2.1 The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that 450-4.2.1 prevents aslauf zusammenzufassen. - Fr%i defQnierbarer und damit auf beliebigen Duen anwendbqreb Upiversalabgleich. - Zahlreiche Moeilibhketen das Abgleiclserebnis weiterzuverarbeiten: nebm dem direkten Loeschen in der Ursprungsdatei ist das Markieren in der Ursprungsdatei, die Weiterverarbeitung ueber eine gespeicherte Prozedur, eine Dubletel-, Ergebnis- und ArchivdateY moeglich. - Diverse Funktionen zum Aufbereiten von Adressen und Datej`estaenden, unter anderem eine Versalienkorrektur, eine Funktion zum ersetzen von Begriffen und eine FuoktIon zum selektiven Loeschen. Hinweis: Nbht alle beschriebenen Funktionen sind Teil der Professional Edition (EUR 698, zzgl. MwSt.) Downloa\s:&1<2

Review It RaDe It Bookmark It`/dateramer.msi<'a~

DataRoamer is a GUI database viewer. Visually avgate the structure and contentQf SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, T{szGrfSQL, and Access databases. Simple, fast, cnd `owerful, its features include mtlti-gindws,#|ree-like display,of table relationships, multi-column sorting, point and ccck 1uary, auto display(o& related rows, adjustA"l0display q3le, auto display of image data, responsive user interface, multi-format data eltracts, and more. Downloads: 186

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BA Eqsy Control for Oracle


DBACentral for ]ySQN


DBACentral for M9SQM is a unique solution for databAse administration, developejv and data management. DBACentral for MySQL provides you with easy-to-use graphical user interface for executing all database operations: database strucuupe manageEenp, table date acnipulation, server administration, PHP forms generation and many more. Downloads: 187

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