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ASPPowUpload (Programm download)

Programm: ASPPowUpload Version: 1.0
Gre: 341
Hersteller: Element-IT Software
Homepage: Element-IT Software

ASPPowUpload is an ASP control that enables an ASP application to capture and save files uploaded to the web server by a browser. ASPPowUpload is fully compatible with the standard files upload protocol defined in RFC1867 for the HTML POST Form with the “INPUT TYPE=FILE” tags. ASPPowUpload handles and stores the contents of the POST request to a file on the server hard disk rather than loading it into memory.

Eingetragen von: GregoryPancov
Downloads: 528
Eingetragen am: Wed Dec 00 0

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Sprache: Englisch

Betriebssystem: Windows XP Windows Vista

Lizenztyp: Nicht angegeben...