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Accurate Printer Monitor (Programm download)

Programm: Accurate Printer Monitor Version:
Größe: 15408
Hersteller: AGG Software
Homepage: AGG Software

Printer monitoring is indeed a lot of companies all over the world should invest in. But why is this so? Why is there an imminent need to monitor printing activity? Let us say that you control a medium-sized enterprise and you have dozens of computers attached to several computer networks. With this many PC, your office would inescapably need a lot of working printers at hand, so many that keeping tabs as to printing activity would get reasonably hard it accomplish. The task to printer monitor software is not actually laborious if you have utility to back you up. This is why you need to have print monitor program in your office. The application keeps information of all documents printed as well as the employee who printed them respectively. These reports are then stored inner a database that you can easy access to watch opprobrious users. Main features of Accurate Printer Monitor: * internal web host allows users show company reports from remote PC; * monitors multiple printers at the same time; * automatically watch when the printer or print host goes on, and restores monitoring when the printer is on-line; * several modules allow you to filtrate and process printer events; * the Accurate Printer Monitor can post scheduled reports to administrators; * real-time optimized monitoring; * monitor network, remote or local printers; * you can compute printing cost for paper size, domain or user or print quality; * works on all Windows versions from 9x, including x86 and x64 platforms. * can post notification via email and various other methods; * supports color and monochromatic printers;

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Betriebssystem: Windows 9x Windows NT Windows Server Windows Vista Windows XP

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