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App Store database API (Programm download)

Programm: App Store database API Version: 1.0
Größe: 2000
Hersteller: ABTO
Homepage: ABTO

App Store database API API to retrieve information from App Store (AppStore Scraper). One can organize App store database on his computer for different purposes like data analisys or something. With help of App Store API you can download all applications descriptions along with their developer, description, images and so on. Get access to all categories Books Business Education Entertainment Finance Games Action Adventure ... Healthcare & Fitness and so on. Store all fields available in AppStore like: Application ID, Name, Seller, Category, Developer, Release Date, Price, Description and so on. Export information to CSV, XML or other formats. You can implement you solutions to download itunes store app meta data, icons and images from specified categories. Publish information on your web site or your client application and so on. That can be either server side solution or client side. please contact us for more information Key words: AppStore, Grab AppStore, AppStore API, iTunes API, download from AppStore. AppStore Scraper

Eingetragen von: abto
Downloads: 472
Eingetragen am: Tue Jul 28 2009

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Preis: 400 USD ($)

Sprache: Englisch

Betriebssystem: Linux Unix Windows Server Windows XP

Lizenztyp: Demosoftware