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Animals Coloring Book (Programm download)

Programm: Animals Coloring Book Version: 1.0
Größe: 14446
Hersteller: Star Coloring
Homepage: Star Coloring

Animals Coloring Book is a useful product aimed towards children of almost any age, allowing them to express their artistic flair in an educational and constructive manner. With a fully three dimensional interface, it allows you to mix colors and paints and create some delightful sceneries. It is a rather unique product, and something which can keep young children occupied for many hours. However, it is a little bit more complex than one might think, also including various sounds and music in the background. It is a particularly attractive program for children who have an artistic flair already, and also like to use the computer. With so much out there on computers which are really not best suited for children, this can help to keep them out of the less appropriate side of computer games and the Internet. There are also many varying templates available to accommodate a wide variety of different interests. The program is only a small download, and you can also test the program for free. There are various other programmes available from the same makers, so you should be able to find something that will suit your kid perfectly.

Eingetragen von: starcoloring
Downloads: 464
Eingetragen am: Mon Oct 26 2009

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Preis: 19.95 USD ($)

Sprache: Englisch

Betriebssystem: Windows Server Windows Vista

Lizenztyp: Shareware