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Audio Detector (Programm download)

Programm: Audio Detector Version:
Größe: 39
Hersteller: Audio Detector
Homepage: Audio Detector

What is it? Would you like to know what is happening at your home when you're out? "Audio Detector" software offers you such capability! All you need is: a computer, any computer microphone and "Audio Detector" software! When you're to go out, simply leave your PC turned on, plug in a microphone and run "Audio Detector". The program analyzes every sound coming from a microphone. If the sound volume exceeds the predefined threshold, the program automatically starts the recording, compressing the sound into the WMA format. Isn't that fantastic for a 39K program? Do I need this program? - Are you often not at home? Do you still want to know what is happening in that time? The sound detector combined with a microphone plugged to your computer will record every sound for you. - Do you want to know, how your sweetheart spends time? - Do you have a little child? Or may be you hired a babysitter and want to be sure, if she communicates with your baby properly? - Are you a doctor? Would you like to record conversations with your patients and listen them whenever you need it again? - Are you an advocate? A lawyer? An investigator? Is it crucial for you to remember every word of a conversation or to remind your client about some part of it? - Are you a businessman trying to take any situation under your control? Do you need to clearly know what was happening at the business meeting with your partner? - Tired of note book? "Audio Detector" will save all necessary information for you. - Taking care of your child? Having a conversation and want to remind your child about his promise? If you answered yes on any of the above questions - this product is for you!

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