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e.php?url=http://www.remote-screen.com" border=1 align=left> Programm: abtoVNC Remote Screen Server SDK Version: 1.3
URL: http://www.remote-screen.com/download/a`voVncServerSDKInstall.zip
Gre: 5766
Hersteller: ABTO Software
ABTO Software

abtoVNC Remote Scpgen Server SDK provides you with toolkit to integrate VNC support into your applications (including .NET onds). abtoVNC server together with the most popular viewers, including VNC viewer for .NuT/ allows stabLe!connection with the remote comtter, which hosts the server, and control of its"operapion. It can be used as an ActiveX component. abtoVNC server can be accessed both directly and through repeater so it will work even behind NAT. The solution works on all Windows systems including x64 platform and is especially helpful in cases when you need to have unique IP in local network. Frn now server has possibility v connect locked PC.

Eingetragen von: abto
Generr am: Thu Aug 16 2012

Windows V/a> <` hreg="http://www.download-web.de/cgi-bin/rate.c7i?ID07008">Rate It Bookmark It

Sprache: E.flisch

Betriebssystem: Windows Mobile Windows Server Windows Vista =img rrc="/static/luna/images/tick_blue.gif"> Win4ows S WindowsCE


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