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Better English with EZ Speak Family (Programm download)

Programm: Better English with EZ Speak Family Version:
Größe: 462183
Hersteller: LNTS LinguisTech Solutions Ltd.
Homepage: LNTS LinguisTech Solutions Ltd.

EZ-Speak Family can help your whole family learn better English today! EZ Speak will provide you with efficient and personalized speech training to help you improve English pronunciation. The unique standalone software will allow you to practice spoken English and your American accent. It covers all the critical aspects of pronunciation, phonology and stress. EZ-Speak is the only software that listens to each student, analyzes personal difficulties and adapts the curriculum accordingly. The EZ-Speak Assessment will analyze your pronunciation of different phonemes, and determine what areas you need the most help with to speak better English. It will then create a personalized lesson plan for you, based on the Assessment, and place lessons containing the areas you have most trouble with at the beginning of the program. EZ-Speak's lessons consist of a handful of small steps so that the concepts can be easily grasped. The combination of your ongoing success as you advance through the lessons and the efficient teaching methodology of the application will boost your self-confidence levels, enabling you to speak English with confidence and improved pronunciation once you complete the program. You and your family will receive extensive feedback as you progress through the lessons, making it easy to identify problem areas in the student's pronunciation and fix them in a timely manner. The lessons are fun and interactive and the concepts are easy to grasp. Are you ready to speak better English, improve English pronunciation, and learn a better American accent? Download EZ-Speak Family today!

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Eingetragen am: Wed Jul 25 2012

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Sprache: Englisch

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