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BladeFTP Free Edition (Programm download)

Programm: BladeFTP Free Edition Version: 2.061
Größe: 2645
Hersteller: Bizex software
Homepage: Bizex software

BladeFTP is a FREE FTP client with a lot of new and useful features. It allows you browse several FTP site at the same time, you can also create a task and add the files into it, the task can execute automatically, it makes the updating and downloading very easy. Another new feature is History Manage, it can record the detail of uploading and downloading every time, when you are going to update your web site, you can re-execute the history simply. *Browsing more than one FTP site at the same time. *Uploading/downloading/Erasing a whole directory. *Recording the detail of your job and you can use history manage to execute it again. *Task supported. Add the files and directories into a task and run it, all will be done automatically. *Proxy/socks supported. *Keeping conection automatically when idle. *Exporting the FTP to a text file. *Resumable site supported. Update: *User can connect to multi FTP server faster. More server type supported. * The feature of searching files in remote folde had been improved. Now you can search the special folder and wildcard character supported. The real-time result will display. * Searching in history improved, wildcard character supported. * Task manage improved. Now you can appoint how to deal with the duplicate file, such as ASK, OVERWRITE and SKIP. You can also appoint the destination, if the folder not exists, the program will create it automatically. * The feature of browsing and sorting both the local directories and the remote directories. * Add filter for browsing both the local directories and the remote directories. * Multi-language supported. * Add export directories to file. * Add backup / restore the sites

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