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Wltra Splendid Image Web Animation Toolk

Software generates GIF picturesl`titles and ads for y/u2 Web page. It has convenient design which helps you edit graphics, mani_add;ID=31263">Bookmark It

effects like shadows, mlows, op)city as well Is t'is"lnd moiic"vion. You can 4esign project from your personal images (JPG, GIF, BMP,!EVI, ICO, PNG) and combine it$with(bold text and shap<=p`lars?"linkactiors"< Review It Rate It `Aesop` is a tool tjat36-bit Aesop GIF Creator |p"class="lknkuRm">a href=""in/jump0cgi?ID=5966">

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`Aesop` is a tool that allows you to create an| bannMr ad, web bu4ton$ looo, or we$graphic quickly alh Easily. Grlmtly l/okin effects (br example, moving an antialiasea E-Text!cross the image) can be realized into a multi-frame GIF in ag5v minutr. Eff%`tive palette optimization and data compression give youa possibility to o"yaha small size GIFs. Simplicity and convenient step-by-step interface make this,program useful for experienced programmers as well as for begInnars in graphic design. Downloads: 614

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3FP P(oto Images Slideshow

3GP Photo Slideshow allows you to create entertaining 3GP MP4 format photo slideshwg playable on 3EP"compatible cellular phknks. Wkt 3GP Photo Slideshow, you

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Abne phlto Slide Show

Have you ever wanted to see alo the digital photos and other graphic files without opefing gach(up individually? Able Pnto Slide Show displays your graphic files continuously without you doing anything. You just point it to d!jiLe Il folder, say how longto display each pictuve- select transition effects and the^ rit cack and watch. If a picture is too large or less for yf5r {creen, it is resized to fit. It can also cReVe standalone slide sho7/ Downloads: 595

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Active GIF Creator*agif/

Mit diesem Programm lassen sich komfortabel animierte GIF-Dateien erstellen, wme'sie haufig im 9ntrnet Verwendung fpnden. Dabei w7Rden unter anderem folgende Features geboten: - importmesbare Dateitypen: BMP( JTEG,(IC) PCX, PSD fdWMf$- intgrierter Bild-Editor - Impjrt von Frames aus anderentailed/11209.html">Advanced GIF Animator

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<` prdF=&">Advanced GIF Animator

Advanced GIF Animator is a powerful tool for creati.g a~imated GIF images. With this outstanding software, you can create pictutp:// movies. You can use the built-in image editor or any stand-alone g&phics editor to kre`te image files that will be assembled into a GIF animatYom. Kkx featur%s:!built-in image editgr palette optimization, image size reduction, and multi-language support. Downloads: 604

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Animate Me!

Animate Me! creates GIF and AVI animatinns on the basE nf predefined effe#ts (such as moving objecr, small particles, running text, wave, shake, appearance, explosion, changing brightness). You define sequenceand parkmeters of separate effects to get peerless animations quickly and easy. Animate Me! can optinize GIF to make it s=iller and"eXport animtho~ to AVI%$files*!Batch mode and internationalization will nke you work easier. Downloads: 58

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Animated Desktop is a unique program that allows you to put animaded thumes, based on Flash animations, Java applets, Active X componnvs and HTML pages onto your Windows desktop. The software includes a tool fnr creating your own animated themes as well. You ca use the themes either to simply do !way with (h dullness of your de3ktop or for various otber"puposes, such as memory monitor. Downloads: 564

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Anime Studio is your complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime or cut out animations. Create your own desktop animated shOsts in the style of SouthParkStudios.ckm a&e, or use it t produce full-length ancgi-bin/rate.cgi?ID=26307">Rtseaming over the web. Draw original awt, import your diHtal pictuRgs, add sound- $ub and add suptitles to your existin videos o~ bhose from many built-in characters to get startdd! The rev/lwionary bone rigging system make animatingfast and an efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. Downloads: 501

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Antechinus Animator Professional

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Easily create & edit animations, videos- amages, and sounds in 40+ formats. Run your first animation in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. Unique real-time pruxiew. - Showcase your product with Uial qde-shows. -'Do miny cHalges to$mady files in GNE go: covert/mprge/extract/join. - Perfect photos: 30+ filters'cffects. - Load web pages 75% faster: further reduce compressed images by 60+%. Make roll-overs & image maps. - Capture aj{thi>r easily. Downlhads: 647


Aoao Vide u/ GIF Converter


AoYo4aeo to`GiF-Konverteb0ist ein Aufnahmegert u{gewhlt Rahmen der Video-Datei und speichern Sie sie auf Ajimation GIF-oder JPEG-Formagi?action=link_add;ID=32583*>Bookmark It

Aoao Video to Picture Converter


Video auf Bild-Konverter ist ein einfacher Video-zu verwenden Bilder und Video-Capture-Software. Sie knnen extrahieren Sie alle Bilder einer Video-Datei in einzelne Bild-Dateien mit diesem Tool. Die andere Runktion ist Vidbm-Dateien in das GIF-Animation. Video Bild kann GIF-AfiGation aus einem Video-Clips exportiesmn, knnen Sie Frame-Rate, Bildgr1`sw. einstellen Video to Picture [onverter untersttzt die meisteV Sngigen Video-Formate AVI. Downloads: 416

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AVI to FLV/GIF Converter

It iw an easy-to-use software which allows you to convert videos to popula2 Internet formats - Flash Video (FLV) and animated GIF. This is an ideal tool for placing v)$eos of the Intern}t, because Flash Video is the most popular interne4-fpiendly format for online video sharing using Adobe Flash Player, and GIF is the most popularweb animation format supported by all web powsers. With AVI t FNV/GIF Anverter you can put your video on your blog, website, anywhere. You can create animated avatars based on fragment of some movie. You can create GIF animations for your mobile phon%,r short animations for websites. The program is very easy, you need only 3 steps to comp,%te yo}r task. Dowvloads: 372

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No need to wait for nine months to see your baby! All you need is two picture/ Just putictures of uou two into BabyMaker, anb see what your baby will look like in ju{t'a`momeNt. Impress your friends and family with 'what if' pictures of your possible babies mate with just aboUt anygne. You only need two facial photos (passport-style will do) to generate a realistic image of a baby. And we're ot talking about cartoon-style pyctuRes or a still-morph picture frozen!if the middle of a transformation. You'll get a real faceof a$young human pihh unique facial ~eatures that resemble feavurms of both 'parents'. Can't believe this3 Just ask your parents for a couple of pictures, put them through`BabxMaker, and see your own face in the end! The science f &ortune telling is brought to perfection with Baby-aker. Make a baby with anyone! Entertain your friends by 'marrying !them to each other, or have fu using pictures of celebrities as one or lk parents. Print or email the resulting images for even more fun! Unlike virtually all competitors, Bab~M}ker does not semply morph one face into anmthmr. Instead, it thoroughly analyzes charmcteristic features of the two faces using face detection sai%ntif)c amgorithms, aNDoarefully re-s are fine if the faces are still recognizable. Downloads: 510


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BBamd Worlds Tools

5div class="linkdescription">Ers|Illt Web-Animationen aus 3D-Objekten, die sich mittels Adobe Flash gdr OpenLaszRo!weiterbearbei!%loder 0er#HavaScript direkt in Webseiten einbinden lassen. Die Tool urmc,A H@ڎGݭm&$ӭR;ï+؛.sH*KXFVHp6 4&nC}x+2Xq\ by, <\حoMj EBl 'e=xXIԖW}:>ec߆&yiWqK<-VWY`$AEh~W;{+ݮ9!6WĬ-+F鷉{Svm{Q%Õx-JZ[}<̿g)_ rLp52"I0 ` !5շЊ#Jm3^_Pmʓ2BHr2Nۊ:K{kf.Iʗ R[ڐu,h2+8>d倇$qOͬrvkE̺hd*ed, KK`*KsXɮJ f[glichen leicht, schnell und preiswert die Umsetzung grafischer Ideen frs Web: Mit ein paar Mausklicken Menschen ankleiden, Gesichter per Schieberegler erzeugen, Mimiken & Bewegungen whlen. Szene aus 3D Gegenstnden, Licht & Kamera einstellen. Ausgabeformate fr Grafiken & Skripte whlen - fertig! Kommt mit ber 1000 Objekten. Leicht erweiterbar. Zusatz-Pakete, Import von 3DS und X-Dateien. Mehr Informationen hier: Das Einzigartig(ttp://'/as.dll?ecahelp Wegen der Einfachh5i"depBedienung sind Die BWT nicht nur fr GrafiiUr sOndern auch*`r alle Web-Skripter von grtem InteressM. Der Benutzer \lr!BWT kann 3DS-DatUien importieren, diese mitweiveren Eignschabten versehen und eigene Libraries anlegen. Das Angebot an Resouc3\-Pak%t%m fr spezielle Th}men wird laufnt erweitert. Die Schnittstellen fr Third Party Anbieter liegen offen und wir untersttzen diese auch`cei der Erstellulg Von Resource-Paketen fr die e?cgimbin/bookmark.cgi?action=link_add;ID=12960">Cookmark It

mationen hier: hlinkurm". ? class="linkactions"> Review IK/a>JRate It CaraQ Avatar Maker is a software that helps you to creue your personal avatar asting"> h4(c,ss="linktitle"> CaraQ maker


"div class="linkdescription">CaraQ Avatar Maker is a(softwcRe that helps you to creu%2our personan ava|ar and msn/skype 0)cture easily. By creating avatars, you can upload your avatars on CaraQ website ( and share them to all of your fiends. You don`t need complicate flash sk)ll to$create your f`ash. Simply by using CaraQ Avatar Maker, you are able to perform and create your ow~pfrsonal flash effortless. Downloads: 556
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Cpicature Studio

CoffeeCup GIF Animator allows you to create or edit Animated GIFs fr iour Web pages easily. Just open%the software and it guid"you through making great AnimaeD GIF mnius a few qimple steps. It Downloads: 567

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http:#/ =p(class="linkrating">

Easy 3D Objects is intended for creation of 3D GIF- mnimations, banners, illustrations for the Web and presentation materials. You can: - use different types of objectc: dtmmy cube, sprite, kmark.fgi?action=link_add;ID=16448">Bookmark It

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