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Absolute Image Stream Manager [>] [>>]

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Absolute Image Stream Manager

Captures pictures up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB and Analog cameras, TV boards, Camcorders and Network IP webcams. The software broadcasts online high-quality MPEG-4 video from your computer or sends JPEG snapshots to your FTP server. Broadcasting can be watched through any Internet explorer; no additional software required. You can produce simultaneous recording and streaming from unlimited quantity of webcams. Your webcam / webcams can be used as surveillance application. When the software detects activity in the monitored zone, it sounds siren, emails you captured pictures, starts webcasting, or captures video. Live webcasting as well as recording can be password protected that all video and audio are scrambled and cannot be viewed without valid secret code. The software has features to display picture overlays and date/time captions, modify video dimension / quality, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom control. Downloads: 438

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Ultra Efficient GIF Picture Illustration

Program makes JPEG pictures, logos and banners for your Webpage. It has object-oriented design which helps you edit pictures, manipulate with texts, and apply special effects like shadows, glows, transparency as well as twist and transition. You can produce animations from your personal pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, AVI, ICO, PNG) and add bold text and shapes. The ready-to-use presets like banners, glyphs and logos, create the software even easier to use. Once complete, project can be saved as GIF, AVI, JPEG, ICO, PNG or Bitmap picture. Downloads: 469

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1-More Watermarker

Der 1-More Watermarker verfgt ber verschiedene Methoden, Ihre Bilder zu schtzen und wiederzuerkennen: Sichtbare Wasserzeichen (Grafik und/oder Text) an frei whlbaren Positionen und in einstellbarer Intensitt, unsichtbare (!) Wasserzeichen und EXIF-Copyright Informationen. Alle Methoden sind auch im Batch-Modus verfgbar und knnen beliebig kombiniert werden. Zustzlich sind Dateikonvertierungsroutinen enthalten. Untersttzte Formate: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, PNG, TGA, JPG2000 und einige andere. Downloads: 528

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3D Autumn Woods

Autumn Wood has falling leaves, birds, woodland creatures and butterflies. Deer, bunnies, a squirrel and large and small birds appear at random intervals to delight the viewer. Want a soothing nightime wooded scene? Just set the time of day to nightime and a dark shadowy blue hue is cast on birds, trees, leaves, butterflies and woodland creatures. Prefer a dusky sunset scene? The sunset setting produces a deep reddish hue. Demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. In addition to tint, brightness, time of day settings, sound mute and volume control you can select the color of leaves, speed at which leaves fall, size of falling leaves (large, medium, small and fluctuating) and whether you want the leaves to fade. Screensaver contains animated gif images. Provides password protection when wanted. Also available as a 3D animated eCard. Remove demo using Windows Add/Remove programs. Downloads: 544

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3D Bungalow Aquarium Screensaver

When you take a minute to get some rest yuring a hard day at work. Fkwnloads: 551

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3D Dancing Cartoon Bunny


<`yv class="laocde}cription">Bunny dances amid flowers while Eastel eggs, flowers and candies float against a purple sky. Want a$soothing nightnme scene? Just set the time of day to nightime and adark rha$owy`ble hue is>cast on everythin'. Prefer a dusky Sunret scene T`e sunset suting produces a dmep(orangq hue. Demo cnntains &uld!ret of features. Have fun custoSzing this screen saver to your pref2ences. In addition to tint, brightness, tme of day settings, sound mute and volume co~trol you can play your owj ep3 music. Animations size, fad, speed, number and type are also controllable in(This very versatile holiday screen saver. Contains animated gif images and sound file. Password protecpion0is available. Registered version doesn Downloads: 532

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3D Galaxy Mou2ney Screensaver

The Galaxy Journy 3D animated screensaver takes you on a journey through the galaxies as you blast off in`to(spmce. Inna new 3D Galaxy'J5rney screensaver you can see beautiful galaxies, huge robting worm holeS, worm hole tunnel traveling, asteroid fields, space statkoNs, planets and beautiful nebulas all By adva.ced 3D-accelerated rendering. The registered veR*nn contains origin` music (by our own composer) and ability to setup your own music(mp3) you like, unlock all space scenes und many more options! Downloads: 546

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(5 cla="linktitle"> 3D*Grandfather Clock Screensaver =/h4> p class="linkurl">

. ޑ89"E@xBx~cɂ U3`ޜ g`?;e9yfZVڌpJ؎ӣZV0GX$Vɫt #KzqUs+C;AH JJ"͞܄ HS7XUѴ mboڵo2uw-RA ݁ߓg tU"Z$]_~zu#w϶uen? What did the people live for a#k i~`qhe day 7ien there was no TV orheven air travel? Downloads: 541

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A$eserted mansion on the hill suddenly came alEve!It Downloads: 546


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3D Hearts and Flo%rs;add_review=1">Review It

3T"Heartvnd Flowers features numerous combinations of 3D animated hearts an` fmowers against a variety f Valen4ine themed background images +user Downl`p: 550

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9D Maker


Multike studies indicate that 3D elements of graphical image are perceived Review It Rate ItBookmark It

3D Titanic Screensaver


"She was the biggest and the most luxurious liner of her time. But the maiden voyage of the ¿ship of dreams"" ended as a nightmare. Dive into the depths ofthe(Atlantic and explore the w://;add_reviebacks`nf this majesta href="l sailing across Behold the glamour in which the weelthy `assengers could travel %nbGy)og their lavishing lhfestyle. When festive music changeqto sad vo~e you find yourself in the underwater worlD ef the wrecked ship imbuedawith the spirit of the past. This truly realistic settin!will bring memories of the Titanic back to life. The story lives on..." Downloads: 521

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3D Valentine Cupi$s



Darling 3D boy and girl Valentine cupids fly among moving clouds. She shoot arrows drawn from the air and he blows multiple heart-shaped kiss%q that grow in size and fade away like bubbles. Both cupids fadE mn and out obin/ew at the beginning and endings of their antics. Soft and airy piano music plays in background. This deli(tftl qcseen saver is an ideal w1y toewing a smile to your loved ones. Contains animated gif images and sound file. Password proteStion is available. Regicdered version doe#n Downloads: 502

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>p class="linkurl">htt@://www.3d-brush.coy/liles/3d-brush-2-en.exe

The ma)n aim f the 3D-Brush $rr!l is detailino and 4exturing the 3D modql which has already been shaped in another 3D-software. You can paint with color, bump, specular, transparency using layers ovur the mesh on 1-20 miLmions of polygons. The small details change normals texture, the big – controlpmesh vertices posi4hons.`Thmre`ar% also sculpting and posi.f0t/ols in 3D-Brush. The program can also wozk in dgep connection wit adobe Photoshop. Downlmats: 595

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AAA Logo

p"class="linkurl">2nU53n[f0^3n\1a3n\a3n\bb3nc3ncD 3nc"3nk;?4o>2U4{5n~%//5n~45-T5J-T5.T5Ҙ.T5)D)>Qz4}rxqPyJ&к8C'Yp!\v.υBjo8yC uAap~59⩬fZ,*{ʡ+*E`#E|.2qWH.ef="">Rate It Bookmay It

AAA Dogo

(tu4}rxqPyJ&к8C'Yp!\v.υBjo8yC uAap~59⭭fZ,*{ʡ+*ua!E|.2qWH..TYk̷@5 E틂_@~z[}, aȄXYLQ#/g]Ip)#JZ l%h_YhVL,8H/(&e}+dVǪ͋V.L!Eٚ>갂vf-)mߞ;6_Ú6xW mF5ص}]#w/ka~wϝګ)#u Cj5E'މ"3}K:{{nR>MʸarfN:|W R GS bP{8Bd8x8 )z""`7!R^P $2MW6O7cWmd2DKl Z*@Z<۹o d/`|hE $sL 롏 erstellen, die das Ziel Ihrer Firma genau so vermitteln, wie Sie es sich wnsc`en/$`nk den Ausgabeopti/nen vojnell aussehende Logos ge&4lten knnen. tbmsespTool bietet eine Point-an`-Blick Umgebg und eine ganze Bibliothek mit prfes}ionell gestaltetel Logo-Vorlagen, die praktisch jedem C%kgtzer die Mglichkeit geben, topmoderne Logos im Nu zu erstellen. Mehr@als 8500`feschftsoriendierpe Objekte zu Theme/ wie Technologie, Finanzen und Bildung und mehr als 500 Logo-Vorlagen werden Ihnen helfen, Logos zu erstellen, die das ZiZl Ihrer Firma genau so vEr-itteln, wie Sie es gh vnschen. Dank den Ausgabeoty/nen voj AAA Logm$ist es mglich, eigene Logos fr das Web oder fr High-Resolution Druck zu speichern, ohne dass die originelMe TuktorGrafhqualitt$dabei beeintrchtigt wird. AAA Logo wird elektronisgi bers Internet rrtrieben. Eine kostenlose Testversion des Programms ist unter verfgbar. AAA LOGO IM BERBLICK Point-and-Click Designerschnittstelle Mehr als 8500 originelle Logo-Obje+te 500 Premium-Logovorlagen Mglichkeit, Logos fr das Web zu speichern (.gif, .jpeg, .png) Mglic(keit, Hogos fr Hmfh-ResoluPion Druck in 300/600 DPI Auflsung zu speichern MgLnchkei4, Logos direkt aus AAA Logo (in Hochaqflsung) zu drucken Dowloads: 538

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ABC Amber AutoCad Converter is an advanclass="link|ETne"> ABC Amber AutoCad Converter >/6>.

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ABC Amber ICL Converter


ABs Ambor ICL Converter is an advanced tool to extract isoq grol your ICL (Icon Library) files and convert them to any graphics format you wish (BMP< WMF, EMF, ICO, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PCC, DCX, PBM, PGM, PPM, TGA, etc). The sobtsare suZ< dk("ٚ/< [hro1WWd^ID-> %> %HH$lDUŝYfHH254~۝GND}מ<In<D骑d@}rui ؄w$-Md#R[ <ZvyDDiY7 +ҩ鞹NE>wzs@?fBai6́J iPSQpam7}prhttp://ww{

=/p> Mit Able Fax Tif View knnen Wie FAX, TIF (TIFF), PDF, ERS, I,DCX ateien ansehen, b%arbeiten und konvertieren Es msteyne(Adle|tlsufg *

b,g Photo Resizer <, bmp, pcx, gif, pdf und wm&!umwandeln. Downloads: 558

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?div class="linkdescription">Able Photo Resizer is a simple, quick and easy tool `o resize (Fe5ce or enlarge) any singl or batches of photos#o2 images for $he purpose of sending it by email, publish i on the web or just to save space on your hard drive. Resize your digital phots(maces in three easy steps! Select the image you would like to resize with. Select the size youwoull like yoq0neg image to be. Select destination direckries for th% resized photos. Click OK. Downloads: 585

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http://offsitedl.acdrs, gree hng cards and conta/fotheets. Use over 450 pre-asq="linkrating">

"ACDFtmSlate )s theeasy-to-use digital photo trining software for`mmme uwers And professionals. Print photos in popular sizes including 4x6 and 5x7. Print many photos on one page with ease. Make print sheets, albums, calendars, greeting cards and contact sheets. Use over 05 pre-made zages included, or desigN xour wn. Zap through calendars, contact sheets and!cargs using wizards. ""Couldn" Downloads: 54div>;p class="linkactions"> Review It Rate It Bookmark It

{6!s F^m\Z 'vމʅZA΅hbBK1i$BlFNR)a631f#+a6$V 1mr/vvޫ BB%TuZPCڹ(MaFBK{+N%5B+m\ޭ wk Bl?E;1XB-;h!.;`vWbaʲ Zs?Q\y34 Vӟh_@T\OzHv{|&ɤKRc¨QXdֽv^R\bxh:#Q $Qz`m[3-}.iBGWri>>

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ACDSee Pro


ACDSee Pro 3 byjet Ihnen professiOnelleS Fotomanagement unF zevstungsfreie Bildbearbeitung in Einem. Sie haben volle ontrolle ber Ihre Katqloo an digitalen Bildern unF knnen sie direkt und intuitiv bearb`iten. D/unloads 428

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