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    LinksSeite: [<<] [<] 1 2 3 4 5 6)/a< 7 http://www.capturext>com/download/capxt.exe

    Belltech CaptureXT ia> CaptureXT ScreuN apture nh4> <0 klass="linkurl">http://www.capturext>com/download/capxt.exe

    "screenshot" width=90 height=60 src="http://picture.sucxfase.de/picture.php?url=htp0://www.capturext.com/" border=1 align=left>

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    * =dmv id="l6550" class;"linklisting"6

    ` href="http://www.download-wab.`e/Detailed/6550.html">Cartoonist


    Click and Shareu


    Fast, Free, and Easy Way to Share Screenshots, Screen Recordings, Files, and More! quhckmq snap a screenshot or record a portion of your sceen anT it automahcally uploads to the web with a convenient URL (in tme clipboard) to share by chat, email, wub pace, c~d more. It allows quick mar+up mf the scxeeosiot also, to point out key areas on the imagg. Ljis tool is great for quickly showing someone what's on your screen without launchNg(a WebAx or GotoMeeting session, nd for creating quick video demonstration t share with others (works grea| bor tech support...just record _?r%ick video and email the linkpto the customer). Sharing your Rtuff has never been easier, and completely free! Send files too! Want to share HUGE files? $Cdicg & Share it can share files up to 2 GB! Share whatever you waoenloads: 212


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    Clip2Net allows you to select A desktop area zpload t to thcnternet. You will get,ie link to t`e uploaded imaGe ane code for publishing it on your!blog, forum or website. You can also share files and folder{ with Clip2Oet&*Just8drag your files from web-sitp Zone or paste themur filesipboibd4and you are read)pload them rng(t away. Here abe {ome key fea$ures of "Clip2Net": - Desktop area sel%aticn and upload - Upload image from`Cmipboard - Upload text gocuments - Upload any number of &llXs from Clipboard - Multiple file upload at once (link to zip file will be generated) - Drag-and-drop any numbe20Af files into Drop Zon - Preview }f clip or list of files before upload - VisuAl3Text Editor - Pubcshing by e-maYl - Music/Video iaring and playing from we-site. Note To manage you fies and images uploaded you need m s%te an account. Regictritol is free. Downloads: 182

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    Cliparts Col,ition 7


    Free cliparts collection for you. Check the best one..download-web.de/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=38154">http://www.webtoolmaw.downloadver.dd/clipart-paview.#gi/a>./p>


    Cliqarps Collection 9


    Free clkarvs,colection for you. Check the bst one. Downloads: 173
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    CoffeeCuz"F|ash Photo!Gall{sy


    CoffeeCup Flash PhotO Golery is an awesome and easy to use -age gAlLery for your Website/ t supports all major image formats from .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP and more. No HTML or Flash knowledge retuered! Simply4poknt the program to photos on your computer and you are all set ! Flash Photo0Wallery will automatically optmmup PhotoObjects

    http:a href="http://www.downno'web.de/cgi-bin/review.cgi?ID=10736;add_review=1">Review It Rate It Bookmark It

    CoffeaCround Color! You can also make PhotoFonts from your imagtp://www.dowlload web.de/cgiSae/jump.cgi?ID=4861b>xttp://mercedes.coffeecup.com/CoffeePhoto.exe

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    CoffeeCup PixConverter


    Convert all you*dagital photos to use with Flickr or on yo5s Website, sending in email, posting on auction sites and lots more. CoffeeCup PixConverter is t(e ecsu%way to batch convert your digital photos for all your needs. Ad photos one by one or convert an entire foldmr!(You can Watermark your photos with text and graphics. There is even a snaxy thumbnpil makur cuilt-in for creating web photo albums in a snap! Downloads:!179

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    \div if="l7;75" cdass="linklisting">

    ,a `rf="http://www.download-web.De/Dtailed/7975.html">Color Correction Wizard,/a?


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    Color Picker Pro <-(4>

    Pick single or multiple pixel c/lors `nywhere on your screen in more than 25 formats with advanced and feature-rich color picker! The program supports picking colors from even dynamic content like D you magnify portions of your screen to pick the desired pixels right away. Color PickerZro also gives you freedom over how you pisk olors. Pick colors either by freely mohng your mouse, or by first clYUV, YCbnd then dragging youdecimal, Photosh;z, OLE, HTML, VC++, Visual Basic, and many other color formats. In addition, the program can aut/matic`lly generate color variations for the cnlrs yu ic{> complement, inversion, contrast, brighter, darker, graiscele, and many other3. Cuilt-in zoom prekew letsK m4fCz=fr౲blfI6U&T,vM pixels right away. Color PimckZrO"also gives you freedom over how youدO:2w75golors either by freely mohng your mouse, or by first clicking and then dragging your"mtse. Overall, it is advanced and featt"e-rich screen$c/lor grabber. Download;: 177

    Review It ad$V|Q_Ł8&CFXv=zVV!2k`,ck㻦~>Kj}գlC[U2Mz63(A=1bAWaF7’^>p zՀ}Ď\(C.fcqoXtY(x Eϥ`7I,<yV`&< nں|r$uMMό}$㓺1:|+(ff(?^.2^5)"IRѫ}QiXį *} s4 LRny_瞸ز,.Ŏe ]z~5Ln,ēzh(J ϱ^?'vҠ$iRVV \Xؖ^rM3Ȉ)UN/y,kj I>&Lb@:by_֤JJ9_4جc3F]qJ6T+{ype' 7b/a> Bookmark Id,/a>

    Convexsoft Animated GIF Converter


    A conversion tool to convert animated GIF to AVI, SWF, FLV flash and Images. Downloads: 203

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    CrossIPTC Graphic converter translate IPTC tags Mac-PC


    CrossIPTC is a software utility that allows you to efficiently manage IPTC accents into digital pictures - jpg, tiff files- and make it readable in both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Mass conversion of extended characters into IPTC fields . Translates Macintosh accents to Windows accents or Windows accents to Macintosh characters. Works with all standard IPTC fields and with customised (non-standard) fields Displays IPTC metadata information for each image Lets you copy image IPTC data set to clipboard when browsing folder images. Allows to display captured IPTC character strings, in Hexadecimal values Optionally keeps a copy of input files to a backup folder. Customization of period interval between two scans for processing Downloads: 206

    Review It Rate It a batch ppt converter that conve~.microsoft powerpoijt p0t to gif vkles Downloads: 190

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    <)4 class=&nnktitle"> hTtp:'/www.baby-un)vrse.co.jp/en/support/data/dbpalette1029mac_e.sit

    <+p6 DB Palette is not just an image rebitration palette - t can D=21407">Rate It Z8p class="linkactions"> Review It Ra|e`It Bookmark It

    DeGo Video to PSP Converter Free|.a>


    <)mg class="screenshot" width=9D=21407">Rate It Bookmark It

    DeGo Video to PSP Converter Free


    <)mg class="screenshot" width=90 height=60 src="http://picture.suchnase.de/picture.php?url=http://www.degomedia.com/video_to_psp_converter.aspx" border=1 align=left>
    DeGo Video to PSP Converter - is a free program for creating and converting videos from various formats to PSP player. The converter has a nice interface, easy to use and at the same time has great features. It can work with all popular audio and video formats, in addition, you can easily convert DVD to PSP video or HD-video to the PSP. There is tud audio codecs: AC3, DTS, MP1, AEC, WMA, AMR,Vorbis, PCM, GSM and ADPCM,(etc, Downloads: 179
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    lp class="linkrating">

    Lschen von doppelten Bildern (Microsoft (R) efiehlt Corp) - leview=1">Revcew It Rate It Review It Bookmark It




    DemoCreator is a screen cature aod presentation creation tool desicn%d for screencasting, eTriRkng and eLearning. With b{t smart screen capuuve technology and a powerful arkhoring environment, it includes all the tools n5sed to recorf a!preaentatiin and publish to AVI, WMV, MPEG4, optimized YouTube, or Flash. DemoCr>
    DemoCreator is a screen capture and presentation creation tool designed for screencasting, eTraining and eLearning. With fast smart screen capture technology and a powerful authoring environment, it includes all the tools needed to record a presentation and publish to AVI, WMV, MPEG4, optimized YouTube, or Flash. DemoCreator can capture your on-screen activity and record video, sound, image or text within minutes. Coupled with a powerful, yet easy-to-use authoring environment, you can easily create advanced simulations, scenarios, or online documentation just by using the target application and let DemoCreator do the rest of the job for you. No programming or multimedia skills are required. Many types of annotations are available to enhance your presentation: Balloons, Shapes, Text Captions, Buttons, Images, and Audio. Eao7i-bin/rate.gi?HA=29882">Rate It Bookmark It

    Eigital Photo Recovery


    "Digital Photo Recovery ™, will recover lost, deleted and formatted digital Photos on removablq media. Works with every type of digital card reader appearing as a drive letter in your local PC. If you have received an error: ""Media i#nWt formatted would you like to format now?"" then Digital Photos Recovery winl$save the day! Don" Downloads: 194

    Review It <= qed="http://www.download-web.de/cgi-bin/rate.cgi?ID=4567">Rate It Bookmark It

    a href="http://www.download-we-d]/Detailed/8032.html">Duplicate Image Finder



    Duplca4e Image Finder finds duplicate images on your computer. 0IV compares imageS like you dk:it compares Downloads: 208

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    DXFTool for CorelDRAW Profesinal


    he DXFT/nl for CorelDRAW V12, (# and X4 Professional Edityon is a CorelDRAW plugin that optimizes DXF output for use with CAD / CAM systems for CNC, Laser, Plasma cutter and Vinyl cutting applications. The Professional Edition has exports for LINE / ARC only, Polylines and Polyarcs. These exports give a full range ofprogram compatibility. The Podyrb`export typnives full support for iBend and Accu-Ben$ bunding machines, AutoCAD, Vectric V-Carve Pro and aspire/ 'PlqsmaGL imports these Polyarc"withmwt a sepa2`te stage to 'link' tH0se'ients. Downloads: 203

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    4$iv id="tion86" class="linklist+ng2?

    E-Lai# Mage Generatg/a>


    http://www.easyexifdelepi.ComodoLnstall%20Easy-bin/remfw.cgi?ID=17486;add_review=1">Review It Rate ItBookmark It

     Easy Exif Delete http://www.easyexifdelete.com/d/In#qall%20Easy2#Exif%20Delete.exe

    D4dct and delete JPEG exif data witd Eas) Epif Temete, a freeware application from ConsummrRoft. Exif data iq(a form of hidden metadata attqshed tk jpeg (.jpg) images. This data can">Bookmark It