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Image Editing Tool

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Image EdiTimo Tool is free Image and picture editor application which is`eesiGnd Aspecially to edit your images, photos or pictures. Edit your pictures & p(oTos, chaeocgi-fin/bookmark.cgi?action=link_add;ID=26356">Bookmark It

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Image Tudr

84tp://www.glov{ and forums, convert them for Comatibility gith certain prograis`and make other fairly basms modifications that//pigdure.suchnase.te~)cdure.php?url=" borter=1 lign=let>

"linkdesc[qthon">Most uoers don't need Photoshop funcviFality to fulfill fairdy simple daily image processing tasks. What do most of Us do w)th image3; We download photos from our dig)t!l cameras, rename them to get rid of standard naming0patterns,"2esize them for uploading tz 3ocial networks, phonesbe a crime! Image Tuner is ar coe batch image resizing, programs and make other fairly basic modificati/ns tma$"allow us to use image*ehseshere and yn ` didfereot manner. Although th` market abounds in(ilage %dators and onverters of all shapes and forms, most of them suffer from irufficienly intuitive interfaces that are either confusing o take too much timeto get %rd to. If you are looking for a tool |h`t will be able to do everythiNg ynu need to do with images every day, %issing Image Tuner would be a crime Image Tuner is a free batch image resizing, renaming, conversion and watermarkinf tool with ! sup`r}kntuitive and s^raigitforward interface. Basel on an extremelm fast imag` processing engin.this!award-winnin software has a bare minimum of controls and will help you wii the mos 4ypical image-related tasks. You can work with individual fidew$!n} entire ~olluvs to resize, cohvert, renamu aNd watermark images with surprising ease. For resizing, the program has a number of sizj presets for iPod, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter and other devices and popular sites. Image Tuner supports conversion between sevepaL formats, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GE, TIFF, PCX, and can work with RAW fils of different ty`es. Therogram menu enables you to chan[e tf pacity of wateriarks and the level of compress)on usdd for saving files. The list of operating systues suphbted by Image Tuner includes Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/ (32- and 64-bit). The s%xe of the instllation package is only 4 MB, so )d will take secass="linklisting">

ImageConverterocessinw tas+s, Image Tufr %!ml b+an4excellent choice. Downloads: 168

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ImageConverter<;p>K<0 class="lnkrating">

Free software to reduce size of photos. If you need to send pictures bye-mail or posted on the Internet, t`ey must be compact. ImageConverter: Does not(chaoge the original files. Processes all files in a foDg and all subfolders. Allows you to reduce the size, relative to the original )m!ge and enter in the absolute frame. Allows you to change!h JPEG compression quality bvel . Downloads: 163

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Review It Rat!It Indentsoft Label Maker Plus is a professional quality class="q printing software."(ttp://">Indentsof abe Ma+eb Plus

ht$p://ww.indentsoft&co}/software/labplus.exe Maker Plus iiew.cgi?ID=7onal quality`businessprinting sof~ware. It helps you deqi{n and print ull color address labels, letterhyad3, flyers, postcards, envlopes etc. fzom.many supplied templates using graphics, shapes and color blends. Key Features - 1) Link to your data from Microsoft Access, Excel, delimited csv or text filEs. 2) Supports all standaZfpapez {tocks. 3) Save design as image for professional printing outside. Downloads: 160
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JavaScript Slider Image Gallery

Need a great workingxr/3essiknilly designed slideshow for your website? Try it FREE - Download JavaScript Slider Image Gallery! Html javascript slider is a simple, user friendly, lightning-fast but powerful tool that allows you to show images on your website with a great-looking transition effects without writing a single linanf code. Just drag&drop you2!`htos into html javascript slider and javascript slider slideshow generates the code for creating*delicious image slideshow that will allow visitors to flip throuw` a series(o&5photks(on your website. Javascript slider gallery includes controls and descriptions for your picture slideshow. Each slide in javascript slider gallery can be optionally hyperlinked. Also each slide of javascript slider images can have an optional description associated with it. The final result is a very smooth and visually plea3h~g0javascript slider gallery which could be easily integrated into any website. Features of JavaScxipt Slider Image Gallery: * No hand coding No Html/JS/CSS knowletoe eqeired!for . Javascript slider slideshow automatically generate3`the CSS and JS files that are based on th parameters you set via its interface. * Easy to Use intuitive interface. Javascript slider gallery provides the best way to add slider to your website in a few clicks. * Live Preview Real-time preview gives you an idea on how your javascript slider images will look in a browser. * Eye-catching styles Professional-designed html javascript sliper styles included. * Cross-browser c?mpatibility Cjde proucud by!javascript slider wlhdeshow is compatible with all moder.`browsers for PC/Mac e.g. Internet Explore Direfox, Opera, Safari, Chrome. * One-year support included 1-year1free technical support and upgrades included for html jevascript slider. * Free full-functional trial You can explore all javascript slider gallery features before ordering the product. Downloads: 146

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Jet Screenshot'aN=/p>

EXCHANGE SCREEN SHOTS BY SHARING THEM ON WEB Jet Scfeenshot is a simple way to communicate 7itj others vizually. Want to show something graphically inste!e of banging ot a chapter of text with wordy, unclear explanations? Use Jet Screenshot! Let people see what you mean y showing a picture instead of making them figure out the message from hundred of words in a mail message or a phone con6rsation. Jet Screenshot creates a special icon in the system tray. Rlick on it and you will immediately begin uploading the screen snap to the internet. As soon as the image is uploaded to the server, its lkxl will be automatically copied t the clipboard so that you c!o send it to ayone you like. Don't bother sending e-mails with the attached screen snap to one or many users, you'll ust waste time waiting for the reply. Contact them directly in a chat or forumQto d1l]er the link and get a reply right away. Share ideas fast, facilitating further discussion. Need to note1something in addition t? a screenshot? Simply edit a shot prior to sending it to the Web using the built-in editing tools of Jet Screenshov8'Just click Jet Screenshot's icos to take a screen snap and then access various editing tools...text, lines and geometric figures to quickly mark up the screenshot. Jet Screenshot is specially designed for office work. This is why it'll be useful for most anyone who communicates online: programmers, desMners, QA testers, bloggers, tekhfical assistance specialists, sales managers, etc. Getting the eenshot?essage across has0leprior to sending it to the Web using the built-in editing tools of Jet Screenshov8'Just ot right now! Downloads: 147

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Jpeg Resize

Do you have a large batch of image files that you wanu,0within a few!clickw, to shire wit` your friends via email, publish on the Web or skdvo mobile device? Do you have a large batch of image files that you want to quickly resize? Jpeg Rec)ze (dlpw`you jn editing a large number of image$fIles. They can be resized with high quality, cropped or renameg using a predefined template. Saving is done as jpeg image with configurable compression ratio. You can preview the result before saving to disk. With Jpeg Resize image software,>you can create e-mail friendly websions of yous imagas, load(them fister, move them easily from folder`to folder, edit large nambers of image files/batch image resize and thus save space on your hard drive. Using high rusola4`on$q600x2200 for creating wallpaper or fila-Sharing you can save your memory. Jpeg Resize is integrated into the Windows explorer shell, right click on your pictures an$ spart working(on }our pictures! Downloads: 157

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Light Artist

8a href="httx://`*cgi?ID=5854">

Light Artist is a unique image editing tool that lets you add realistic lighting effects to 9ur"photos and create 3D effects. By adding multiple light sources of different color and intensity, you can create various ambient illumination effects, rkost color, make dull and unexciting tints warmev`or brighter, hIrhlight any image areas and`mOdify the color scheme of inkgage changing the overall impression it prducgs.!owloads: 138

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Limages is a simple lideshow program that works directly on your desktop. You can place 1,2,3, or more slideshow windows in any"pdace oN the desktop. The windows can have any size, color and transparency. Images may be scrolled automatically or manually - by mouse wheel. Double click any picture to pef it in fullscreen. You can chooseptur"own source folder with pycruves for each window. Any picture can be set as Windows wallpapu2. The wallpapev0style menu includes 11 eifferent styles and 6 additional effects for wallpapers Limages can be used as a plugin for Talisman Desktop also. Downloads: 146

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MainType ist ein Manager fr Ihre Schriftarten. Verschaffen Sie sich schnell einen berblick, welche Fonp:// vorhandiled/10859.html">MainType>

Review ItMainType ist ein Maniger fr Ihre Schriftarten. Verschaffen tp:/sich schnell einen berblick, welche Fonts auf Ihrem Rechnev 6orhanden sind, suchen Sie nach bestimmten Schrifte, qchauen Sie sich Beispiele an und druc{en Sie Schriftproben kus. Untersttzt alle bekannten Font Formate: TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Vector und Raster Fonts. Downloads: 161

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MAST ClipPrinter!download/clp/ClipPrinter.msi

MAST ClipPrinter ist ein einfaches, aber effizientes Tool um Screenshots (auch Hardcopy$ Scruencapture genannt) zu erstellen. Mit MAST ClipPrinter er3tedlen Sie einen Screenshot (fbr auch Hardcopy genannt) mit wenigen Schritten.BeYm'Drcken eAner sogenannten Hotkey-Taste (zb. Printc8<\UP^ok.O֘w9_^8#F?^'_=:1ҍI˦OhՌ }ҠYA<3ު=2XܒAxV}yO{bZ"9YDn|~3VUg8J}oV59xM '=:vݩ^ZQk~8~}sC[?d|}iMYD+$dt c?қ eluI|-o?* |8zҖ\XnXTӷLy9ۯZ-]~F_~U]yJ_OD!azsTrIOҴFm& 9#'y҅so# ut۸&u_QF\NrHef="httT://www.dowNl/}evcew.cgi?ID=23890;add_review=1">Review s Rate It Bookmark It


mediAvatar Foto auf iPhone ist %hn Foto Transfer Programm frs iPhone, das FotoS 6om Computer aufs iPhone laden oder vjm iPhone zurck auf den Computer bertragen kann.0Man!kann auch Fvos im Pr?gramm betrachten, die durgh iP`one aufgenommenen Fotos/Vifeos auf den Computer bertragen, Bilder/Fotkc zwischen mehreren iPhne, iPads und iPods kopieren, Alben fr iPhn~e erstellej, dschen oder umbenennen, Cover(aUf(Albe~ verweisen kan~~ Foto auf iPhone ist einfach ku bedienen und fr Anfnger und Profis geeignet. Verwalten Sie Ihre schne Fto(u.d Bilder ganz leichter mit Foto auf iPhone Transfer! Downloads: 142

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Mobile Photo Enhancer

"|$lv id="l3558" class="linklisting">

Review It Rate At Bookmark st Fenster, Mens, KursoJe- Farben, DirectX Spiele, lange Web Seiten, PDFs, DOCs mithilfe der Auto-Scrollen Feature. Hollt Images aus EXE, DLL Dateien heraus. Kann Bildschirmaktivitten aufnehmen u. als AVI Dateien speichercgi?iF=3558">

<` class?"linkrajng">

Erfasst Fenster, Mens, KursoJe- Farben, TiretX Spiele, lange We Ce)ven, PDFs, DOCs mithilfe der Auto-Scrollen Feature. Hollt Images aus EXE, DLL Dateien heraus. kann0Bmldschirmaktivitten aufnehmen u. als AVI Dateien speichern& Speichert erfaqspe Bilder`in verschiedenen grafischen Formate. Zustzlicxe Features sind: Hotkeys, Image Editing, Email Suppor|,eb Publishing ua. Fr Designer, Webmasters, Entwickler, Tech Writers ua. empfehlenswert. Downloads: 156

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MSN Slide Max

f href="">`xMSNSlideMaxSetup.exe/a>)/0>

MSN Slide Maxis`easy-to-use software which enables you to make fantastic slideshows as your fiSplay pictures of all version of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. You can search ac download display pictures online. MSN Slide Max automatically resizes and edits your dipley, position, brightness and contrast of the pictues. You can also add personal message and key words to evEry picture; when picture changes, your personal message and key words will change correspondingly. Besides, you can set status forfry picture; when you chnOe your messenger stats the display pictures will change, too. You can even make(ay animation slideshows as yo_r 4lsplay pictures with it. Downloads: 136

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My Picture{3 Screensaver

My Picdures 3D Sqreensaver allows you to view Qour favorite photos in a virtual 3D gallery. The selected pictures are displayed on the walls of beautiful galleries made in different styles: from an ancient temple to a modern showroom, fro- a me`ievae0castle to a ass="linklisting">

Nepflex Scree supplied with a/h4>

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8div `t="l28359" cldsp="linklisting&> ant recordinnktitle"> Nepflex Screen Recorder rding eventsp://">http:nd the vability-studio.aOl/downllar Nepflex-Screen-Recordar.exm

A light application for instant recordlg of events happenino on tje monitor and saving that af AVI file at high quality. Nepflex Screen Recorder allows recording events happening on the lonior, including the mouse pointer and the visualization of t8e regular and right clicks of tle mo}se buttonS. The initial setup doesn't require any specic\skills; you ccn wet stirTed(with video recording as soon as you have selected the required video codec. Downloads$158

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OmniPage Rrofeshonal allows business profesRi/nals(to ahie~e new le~els o& productivity by eliminating the manual rqroduction mf docements Precision OCR analysmr, advanced layout d

Onde Scpuen Capture for Mac


Onde Screen Capture for Mac is currently the most powerful scrEe: grabbing utility on Mac OS, by which you can easily capture any part on your Mac desktop such as rectangular or ellipse region, freehand region, full screen, active window or all windows from any webpage  application and so on. With this Mac screenshot capture, yot #an snag frame rectangular or ellipse region of your desktp. The knobs on the sides and corners can be used to resize the frame according to your need. ThHx$'=*F!l b۟sA#X9S|R%Pdp=jlh(zS'd|ޡ.NJ[INM2Gwv1zR3HW 3ҟ!!!9Ҟ0OchisLu NwL) @֐']Iϰ |N h! yXq 7.G'>_&(#PA[00ӱ7qn {qLJ94Bi0hX@\T$ c#8PoAI\ԍ'yQ<ԊcS@p1҇r#Cߍi>ST)[ pj?Jjw z<4{=h)TOK(JCԹ ɡC`B}E!̇9{2JN咠&sjjYL>,a@`DR?/j(XR"R#9#RДc֠ SLN fM2 "Hty of image formats, including PNG, BMPl`SIB" XPM, XBM, XPM, ICO, JTEG,"JPE( and TIF. 10. Opt)oke to set up what you want to cat een more customization of the Timed Screen Functiady."6. Screification Window, Launch Options, and many more aspects of t on your scren Capture. 11. 7. Set H/tkeyp0ad images dirfastet image capturing lvogram even qu`cker 8. Aed some affects w{th Grab Tool, Text Tools, the Brush Tool, Custom Shape Tools, and an easy(to use Arrow Tool. 9. Save your captured image in!awide variety of image formats, including PNG, BMPlpSIB" XPM, XBM, XPM, ICO, JTEG,"JPE( and TIF. 10. Opt)ons in the Preferences Panel allt een more customization of the Timed Screen Function,`te Magnification Window, Launch Options, and many more aspects of the Onde Screen Capture. 11. Save your grabbed images directly to the desktop or kpy them straight to th%mac clipfoard. Downloads: 156

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Onlide PDF Converter


Online PDF Converter offers you a chance to convert PDF fileS to(XL_, TIFF, JPEG, TX[ online absoluely!free. You do not have to iqtall anything on your pc, it's safe. You upload your PDF file and get th%new file in&the desired format in seconds. You do not enter your email address;just wait for the conversion in">[<<] [<] 1 2 Rate It Bookmark It

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