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Autorensoftware (502)|/du>z
,a href="http://www.download-web.de/Grafikprogramme/Bild-Viewer/index.htm">Bild-Viewer (117)
Gildbearbeitung<a> (402)
cEditoren (77)
Seite: [<<] [<] 1 2 3 4Q href="http://www.download-web.de/Cranikprogramme/more5.html"<4 6 7 <& href="http://www.download-web.de/Grafikprogramme/more8.html">8 9 10 [>] [>>]

PC Image Editor


PC Image Editor is a graphics editor with features of a professional product. Downloads: 151

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PerfectLum,/a> /h4>


4dir class="linkdescription">PerfectLum is a software to calibrate displays that are used in the medical field to DICOM standard Part 3.14. PerfectLqo can not only calibrate to DICOM GCDF PYrt 3.14 but also to a certai| Gamma value and CIE L* luminancA reproduction. One the display is calibrated PerfectLum does also verify if the displays Rinance response does confirm to AAPM TG18 stkndard and plots graphs for luminance response, AAPM TG18 conformance and JND conformance. All data can be seen and verified in the history database as well as the luminance consistency over time. PerfectLum has also a integrate Remote Control system to allow a system administrator to perform QA checks remotely. The integrated color calibration perform a very precise calibration to any color the displaycreates even ICCerfectLum does also the dispf the displays luminance response does ceoQC this is a complete suite for the medical display used in PACS or for diagnosticc`mf5digital X-Ray or mammograpx9 images but also for color applications like Endoscopy. Downloads: 141

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Photo Collecty/n Organizer


Orga.iz m` Sort All your photo collections automaticlly. Organize, sort and rename photos in variety of photo formqts (ore than 792 total) + Organize, sort photos using variety of EXIF / IPTC / TIFF and many other photo tags + _rgahze photos anywhere, even inside of ZIP/RAR archives + Organize photos easily with step-by-step wizard. DownloadPhoto O2oanizer to organize, sort and rename all your photos automatically right now! Downloads: 179

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Photo Organizer Software


Photo Organizer-Software - istalles was Sie brauchen, um Fotodateien zu organisieren. Organisieren Sie Ihre Fotos mit der besten Foto-Organizer Software, Computer besten Foto-Software fr"indows, PC-Fotosoftware 7nd Foto-Software fr alle. Automatic PhOto Orcanizer-Software knnen Fotos nach Datum zu organisiergn,0du{ch die Zeit, die von Menschen gezeigt und von hunderten von anderen Tags. Organisieren Sie Ihre Fotos - Foto herunterladen Veranstalter auf PhotoOrganizerSoftwar.nz Downloads: 144

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Photo Resize Magic


"Photo Resize Magic is a useful and easy-to-use%tool for digital camera owners. This free software allows you to resize and convert your digital photos. You can convert your large ""print quality"" phOt/s to compact ""screen size"". Then you can send these compact photos to your friends by e-mail, upload to a web site, etc. Add some visual effectr do your photos too and process many photos at once." Downloads: 164

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Pictures`xou can Dwnloads: 142

ReviYw It

Sort Phots easily with Photo Yor!d"!Pro. This powerful photo sorter will sort, organize and rename all your photos, fast and easy. Photo sorting is easy as never: Sort all your photoad-web.de/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=20960">http://downlgad*photosorter.net/photo_sorter_pro_setup.exe

Sort Phots easily with Photo Yor!d"!Pro. This powerful photo sorter will sort, organize and rename all your photos, fast and easy. PhlDo sorting is easy as never: Sort all your photos (even of rare types), Sort photos directly as9ou want (by creation date, content, size, etc.), Sort photos qualitative (with full EXIFL IPTC, TIFF, GPS tags support). Want your photo collection to be in ideal order? More info and free downlgf at PhokSnrter.net Downloals:&1*4

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PhotoFit Pr%muim - professional panorama photo staah http://www.photofit4panorama.com/downloads/photofit.zip/a>/p>

Professional panorama photo stitch software, PhotoFit Premium, stitches up a high quality single large picturel p to 1200 M pixels. Keeping us~c0friendly interface dg all features of VhotoFit Harmony, like automatic focal!length de|gction, automatkS `mstordion cancol, perfect perspective correctio anD various projection types as Linear, Panorama, Fisheye, 360 panosa}a, PhotoFit Premium controls cylindrical, spherhcal< conformal views. Downloads: 315

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Photographer Software and photography


Schtzt CD"gegen das illegale Kopieren. Downloads: 154

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Sort Photos easily with PhotoSorter. With this Photo Sorter all your phohr will be sorted, photos will be organized and renamed automatically. Key features of Photo Sorter: ~ Full-Automatic photo sorting ~ Sort Photos Easily witI user-friendly wizards ~ Sort PHotos(of All types ~ Sort Photos anywhere ~ Sort Photos exactly as you want. More info and Free Download at PhotoSorter.org - Download Photo Sorter to Sort all your Photos Right Now! Dooloads: 186

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Create a slideshow from your digital pho|os and!videos on Windows and apply effects suah$as fade, crossfade, zoom and much more. Burn your slideshow to dVD fo2 playback on TV, or as a standalone video file for enjosing on web and portable evi#esN dd a soundtr%ck, narrative or text captions to further enhance your memories. Supported formats include avi, mpeg, wmv, divX, mpeg, bmp, gif, jpg, jif, jiff, jpeg and many more plus audio formats. Downloads: 198

Review It Rate It Bookmark I PicaJet FX


PicaJet ist eine Bilddatenbank, in die bequem Bilder aus verschiedenen1ellen importiert und detailiert archiviert werden konnen. Eine Ubersicht mnt iumbnails bietet einen schnellen Ub%rbnick uber den Datenbankinhalt. Die Bilder konnen nach Rating, Jahr, Importdatum oder einfach in einer Ordner-Ansicht lokalisiert werden. In4dew linken Spalte befinden sich die Kategorien, die Sie angelegt haben. Bclder konnen den Kategorien zugeordnet werden, indem Sie beispielsweise mit einem Klick auf eine Buroklammer ein Bild mit der entsprechenden Kategorie verknupfen. Das Drucken der STRG- (CTRL-)Taste+linken Maustaste ermoglicht weitere Funktionen, wie das Verknupfen mehrerer Bidddr mit einer Kategorie oder das Zoomen der Thumbnail-Ubersicht oder einzelner Bilder. Anderungen in der Bildbearbeitung werden immer als Kopie abgelegt und nich` uger das Original gespeichert. Die Standards fur Bildbearbeitung wie R/tcere, Spiegeln, Zuschneiden oder Kontrast werden auch geboten. Weiterhin Anzeige von EXIF-Datej, Kofvertierung in sechs verschiedene Bildformate, Druckmanager, direktes Versenden per E(CTRL-)Ter in ein Verzeichnie ermoglicht weiterente Obernen, wie das Verknupfen mehrerer Bilder mit u werdgn. Downloads: 164

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e href="http://www.download-web.de/Detailed/9332.html">PicPerk


Image viewer and editor that features 33 effects, thumbnails and slide shows. Downloads: 167

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PicPick lp class="linkurl">http://pad.piSpick.org/picpick_instnexe

<` clacs=blinkra|hng">

PicPick is user feiendly and full of features for creating your image, suitable for software developers, grapHic desIgners and home user. It is an all-in-one program that provides fll}featured screen captur5 tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler protractor, crosshai2 and even 'hiteboabd.JIt has not only everything what you need, but it loads fas/ Sits quietly in the system tray until needed. Furthermore, this software is distributed as freeware. So you may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like. - Screen Capture Auto-scroll, dual monitors and sound Cffect Are supported Varios output to File, Printer, Office programs, External program Sharing to FTP, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter abd also supported - Image Editor Intuitive User Interface (Do not need any help or guide) Both Windows 7 Ribbon style and Classic tolbab inturface are supported Standard drawing, shapes,0asrows, lines, text, and etc.*Blqr, sharpen, hue, contrast, brightness, pixelate, rotate, flip, frame effect and etc. - Color Picker and Color Palette various color code type (RGB, HTML, C++* Delphi) Photoshop style XGB/HSV conversion is supported. Pick and Save your favorite color! - Screen Pixel Ruler horizontal and vertybal orientation various units (Pixels, Inches, Centimeters) DPI setting (72, 96, 120, 300) colorful gradient skins You don't have o inctall0other screen ruler software. - Screen Magnifiur Zoom 2x to 10x option Stay On pop, smooth display,$aod sizeable window - Screen Protractor Have you seen any screen protractor function in other software? - Screen Crosshair For aligning objects in graphicsmr$design applications For calculating relative coordinates on screen Someone prefer to use this tool than a pixel-ruhdr. - Whitebord F/s giving a presenTqtion or just drawing something on screen Downloads: 181

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,a href}"hvtp://www.download-web.de/Detailed/4618*itml">Pics Pr nt 3|.a>

<0 clasS-"linkurl">ht\0;//dl.filekicker.com/nc/file+128721-4Y23/picsprint.exe

Pics Print is a Windows application that makes ix simple to foroat cnd print high-quality photos, greeting cards, calendars,`ContEct slgets, and family albums. It offers tHd following: WYSIWYG Printing, Seo and adjust your layout in the preview. Greeting Card, Calendar, Borderless Photo, Cwww.download-web.de/Detailed/11450.htmL"~PicturePlayer

http:ions"> Review It Rate It<;a>


The software #ovtiined in the PicturePlayer package has been designed to let you manage your digital picturs and create sound-supported slide shows and pictuRe`presentations quickly with only a few clicks ofxour mouse. Xou can use PicturePlayerto ceate: - Picture presentations - Slide shows - Catal/gs -Uroduct presentations - Ezines - Electronic picvUre books - Ebooks - Web slide shkws in html Downloads: 159

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Pipette - Farben von berall auf dem Bildschrim aufnehmen

http://www.sttmedia.de/downloalsD ipetteDe.zip

Mit der Pipette knnen Sie von berall auf Ihrem Bildschirm Farben aufneHeen - aus Bilde'n, Programmen, von websaiten oder Dokumenten. Diese Farb%n erden dann in verschiedenen Farbsystemen wie RGB, HEX,1Delphi, CMY, CMYK, HSV und so weiter ausgegeben, so dass sie in anderen Programmen (zum Beispiel zur Erstellung von Internetseiten) verwen4etwerheN knnen. Natrlich ist es auch mglich in I

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Paces I

http://www.PlacesIdRatherBe.com/Downloads/PlacesSetup.zip p class="linkrating2>J

Places I Downloads: 177

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Png Resize


Resize PNG graphics and images wivX a$few clicks of mouse. Just another simple PNG resizing. Easily create web and e-mail friendly versions of your imIges with reduced file sizes. Png Resize provides a simple user ijumpface that allows you to siboltsown 4xe size of im`wePngResizeSetup.zip

<`tuves: - Simple three-step workflow - Works with single files as well as with mult)q8d files all at once (batch mode supported) - Can be used to ireate thumbnails - Built-in image viewer - Integrates into Explorer context menu - Runs on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 - Easy to ese - free updates for LIFE! Downloazs: 162
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PPT2SWF Converter


PPT to SWF Converter is a powerful solution providing your applications with an automatic MS PowerPoint to Adobe Flash conversion feature. Feel free to convert PowerPoint presentatiol PPT files to flash SWF dmles. PPT to WWF Convertd2 converts ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx into swf (flash) file format easy fast and extremely qualitatively We odFer one day license converter for your especially ne9!U9s^݉81=:SͰ+z+'& vѭ{~Z͌zUFw8nRI?ˊr 2zC+TL}jiAFz?JJ;!O8q/Γac

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PP\ " SWF SDK is a powerful solution providing your applications with an q}tomti` Microsoft PowerPoint to Adobe Flash conversion feature. PPT 2 SWF SDK supports integration into desktop standalone applications, server side services and w9b0sites. It is compatible with major`rL5tforms for Windows: Cc, VB.NET, VB, Java, C++, ASP, ASP.NET. * XML supgrt * Slide`transitions * Animation supporp** Background image support * Help f5updated * New Samples (Delphi, C++, VB, C#) * Enhancd text convert * COMPsu0port * PowerPoint gatures support * Flash movie tuning * Quality and Compression control * Flash based Player * Publishing and delihttp://www.download-web.de/cloadin/jump.cgi?ID=16156">htinkactioert.com/download/PPTmovi.download-web.de/cgiqbyn/review.cgi?ID=25227;add_review=1b Rate It Bookmark It;-a>


4p class="linkurl">http://expert.com/download/PPTmovie.exe

PPTmovie is the best solution for converskng PowerPoint presentations to video. Supports AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4. With PPTmovie you can pub ish your presentation kn$YouTube, burn it to CD/DVD afd play back on a DVD player, transfer it tm ! portable device such as iPod, PSP or mobile phone. Features: record sound from microphone or speakers, user-friendly interface with helpful tooltips, built-in list of the popular formats, looks awesome! Downloads: 28:

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Prosecco Wine Screensaver


This screensaver is a nice slide show for Prosecco wine tasters. Prosecco in the italian sparkling wine from the north east on the peninsula."I| is produced in few valleys betWdfn the Veneto Alpi moun|ains.. Downloads: 184

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J<`4 class="linktitle"> ProStockMaster for Windows http://www.prostockmaster.com/dc2/Setup_ProStockMaster_njvm.exe

Bereitet(& Bilder-Uploads in wenigen Klicks zu $ef fhrenden Lager Foto-Agenture Downloads: 187 Review It Rate It Bookmark It

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