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Terminal Services Log


Terminal services log first logs sessions for every user connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal Services or Citrix Presentation Server. Data that is captured: Connection start (date and hour), User Duration, IDLE time, Active time, Disconnected session time, Connection end (date and hour), Status Downloads: 108

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TrafficQuota is a quota enforcement extension for Microsoft ISA Server. It enables you to restrict or allow users Downloads: 128

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Trustix Enterprise Firewall


Free Trustix Enterprise Firewall - the only WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) firewall in the world. A fully-featured packet-filtering router, Trustix Enterprise Firewall has advanced capabilities including the intuitive Xsentry graphical user interface (GUI) for visualizing and editing the firewall policy and behaviour that provides total security for Enterprise Networks Downloads: 146

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UserGate is a gateway server solution providing extremely secure Internet connection sharing. This kind of solution is very efficient for setting up Internet access for small and medium size networks. UserGate is easily managed, does not require special skills and can be set up in minutes. UserGate has many features to optimize Internet traffic: web resource caching, web-filtering, ad banner blocking, and optional antivirus protection. Downloads: 156

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VarIP 2003


Viele kennen das Problem: Sie besitzen einen privaten (Web)server, aber ständig wechselt die IP-Adresse. VarIP macht damit Schluss, doch im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen DynIP Anbietern auf eine ganz einfache bequeme Art. Sie benötigen keine Verbindung zu irgendwelchen Servern oder anderen Umwegen - VarIP aktualisiert ihre IP-Adresse auf eine einfache Subdomain oder auch auf Ihren privaten Webspace. Egal ob HTTP(Web) oder FTP-Server - mit VarIP haben auch Sie eine feste Adresse, denn VarIP verwaltet bis zu 3 Weiterleitungen parallel! Sie möchten keine zusätzlichen Server installieren? Kein Problem!! VarIP hat einen Webserver mit PHP-Support und HTTP-Authentication (Passwortschutz) sowie einen FTP-Server bereits integriert!! Ihr Vorteil: Soviel Webspace/FTP-Space für Ihre Homepages, wie Ihre Festplatte groß ist gratis, keine Extrakosten für Speicherplatz und keine Traffickosten beim Webspace-Provider! Downloads: 164

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VideoPort SBS Video Conferencing Software


VideoPort SBS is a server software product for video conferencing. It is a real video conferencing server working over the Internet or in LAN. It supports as peer-to-peer video calls as multipoint video conferences up to 6 people. The product contains a client side software that is already set to work with software server. This version features include peer-to-peer video calls, 6 to 6 multipoint video conferences, chat. Recommended hardware for server is Pentium 4, 1 GHz, 1 Gb RAM, 100 Mb ROM, at least 10 Mbit/s network conenction. Operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Recommended hardware for client is Pentium 4, 1 GHz, 1 Gb RAM, 100 Mb ROM, 1Mbit/s network connection. Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Test it for two weeks for free! VideoPort company also provide other video conferencing server products with up to 80 users in one video conference and various collaboration tools, including desktop sharing. Downloads: 145

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Warden is a .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache-based web servers. It applies password protection to any web folder or resource in three easy steps: Edit user accounts, Edit FTP information, and apply. Manage multiple web resources/folders and its associated access information with individual Warden project files. As a web user manager, the program allows you to suspend accounts in a single click, search accounts, and send individual or mass emails to your users. The software is perfect for subscription-based websites with a members-only section, or for anyone who wants to protect some or all of their web content. The Warden Server allows you to interactively access and edit your projects from another computer, or your smartphone. The server also contains back-end commands that can be integrated with your existing scripts and code on your website. If you don't like making .htpasswd and .htaccess files the old fashioned way, try it the Fresh Software way! Downloads: 136

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Web based Active Directory ad hoc Reports


JiJi Active Directory Reports delivers Report for AD in Web Interface. Active Directory Web Reporting for SOX Reports Active Directory Ad Hoc computer Reports Active Directory Reporting for OU's. Web based Active Directory Management. Downloads: 90

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Web Hosting Services


www.cloud-webhosting-services.com provides reliable Web Hosting Services for all types of needs either business or personal uses and helps to maintain maximum uptime of website using cluster of server in networks. Hosting services provides facility to host their website in dedicated environment with support of advance security and maintenance in your hands. Dedicated server hosting user gets full control of server and there is no sharing or virtualization of their resources with options of using all access of server capacity while in shared website hosting services user get only parts of server capacity which is required for particular site or user and user only pay for required capacity of bandwidth which reduces cost of website hosting compared to dedicated hosting. Shared website hosting uses single server which hosts multiple websites at a time for different website owners or customers and it is cheaper than dedicated web hosting. Cloud computing offers mobility features which helps in connectivity to cloud from anywhere in worlds just by connecting internet. Manage web hosting systems environment only responsible for data center, network devices and operating systems services. Cloud web hosting services provides many reliable features which are helpful for customers or users to host their website on clouds as it reduces cost of overall site hosting charges and also provides options to use dedicated or shared environments for security and maintenance purpose. Features: * Web Hosting Services provides low cost website hosting for users and website owners with pay as you need resource. * Web Hosting Service reduces minimum down time as one server goes down then other keeps website up. * Web Hosting Services facilitates shared webhosting for reliable and quality web hosting. Downloads: 112

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Web Log Suite


The Web Log Suite is a powerful web server log analyzer. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. It will give you information about your site Downloads: 136

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Web Stats 2003


"Web Stats 2003: a powerful, fast and easy-to-use web log analyzer that generates the ""who, what, where, and how"" of your web site" Downloads: 159

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Der WebSizer macht Ihre Internetseiten auch ohne nennenswerte Anpassungen für nahezu alle mobilen Endgeräte voll nutzbar. Während des Aufrufes der Webseite erkennt die Software automatisch das jeweilige mobile Endgerät und passt die Internetseiten an. Die Skalierung umfasst alle Teile der Webseite. Die Struktur und alle Inhalte bleiben dabei komplett erhalten. iese Verkleinerung hat vor allem eine deutliche Reduzierung der Datenmenge zur Folge. Downloads: 184

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Windows File Server Auditor


Use LepideAuditor for File Server tool to overcome numerous drawbacks of native file server auditing like presenting information in a non-understandable format, scattered logs and limited or short-term storage of logs. The native file server auditing also lacks in protecting an organization against unauthorized access to sensitive business data, intentional and deceitful changes made in permissions, disastrous changes made to files, shares, folder structures, permissions, and other items; heavy penalties caused by security breach and compliance violation. Windows File Server Auditor tool continuously monitors and generates instant alerts or notifications on all the crucial changes made in Windows File Server. The long-term retention of logs feature of the software makes it entirely different among the others available in the market nowadays and helps an organization meet the numerous security and regulatory compliances like PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, etc. Available free to download evaluation version of the Windows File Server Auditor software lets users analyze its capabilities before making an actual decision to purchase the full version of the software. Available freeware edition provides limited access to software functionalities, on the contrary, enterprise edition is the fully-functional one that offers complete functionality but is available only for a limited duration of time. To continue working with the software, user must make online payments and purchase the full version of the software. For more details: www.auditor.fileserveraudit.com Downloads: 101

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Windows hosting control panel


Australian Web-Hosting-Controller für die Windows-Hosting-Account. Mit dem Windows-Hosting Control Panel können Sie Programme wie IIS6, ftp, DNS, Frontpage Extension, asp.net ein viele andere damit zusammenhängende Dienstleistungen wie E-Mail und andere Funktionen wie xmail Server zu kontrollieren. Die Windows-Hosting Control Panel arbeitet mit allen Versionen von Windows wie, Version 2003 für Windows 2003 Server und Version 2008 für Windows 2008 Server-Familie. Die Windows-Hosting-Control Panel unter der Lizenz GNU General Public Licence (GPL) und ist für Sie kostenlos mit unseren Komplimenten zu verwenden. Downloads: 147

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Windows95 98 ME NT 2000 XP


AnalyseSpider is a powerful Web Log File Analyzer tool with a wealth of analysis to help you optimize your site.This tool can also help you to see if your Web site promotion is paying off, when you should update your Web site.Here you can see which search engines have found your site and check if they have spidered all your pages.It uses an internal IP mapping technology that identifies a visitor Downloads: 127

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