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    Gate-and-Way span class="popular-item" popular

    http://www.gate-Qneway.com/download/Gadu-and-Way-2.0 1&386.rpm

    To be connected to the ord has never been so easy and safe. Gate-and-Way guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System. It Do7nloads: 287

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    Internet Usage Monitor popular p class="linkurl">http://www.gauravcreations.com/progs/iusage77.zip


    Monitors he timi spent on the internet and calculates the cost according to the local telephone charges as specified by the user.It auto!pmcally becomes active vlen yo lcon to the internet.It calculates the total time as well as the time spent each month specifically.It generates the output!in the form of attractive graphs and charts.It also has a re-ieer facility Downloads: 275

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    Mit fnf Tasten aj Panallelport kann man z.B. einen Router mit fli4l auch ohne Tastatur steuern. Einfache Hardware, einfache Software aber sehr flexibel einsetzbar. Downloads: 254

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    Mit fnf Tast4 clm Parallelport k FPS система GPS монито


    Complex of ppogsams FPS provide remote monatoring of GPS receivers and visualize data on a computer operator. The program presented for the free use can track the positio of only o~a GPS-recehvmr. As GPS receivers can be used smartphone with GPS operatinqystems to Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and configured Internet connection. To perform the monitoring funct)on reuires two programs: * Fpst(- GPS-tracker program (hereinafter fpst). Interrogates the GPS-receiver of smartphone and sends obtained data @vo a shadowbottomleft">
    on samartfona on"http://www.historisch-kochen.de">Alte historische Rezepte
    Alte historische Rezepte