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ScreenCamera ist ein mächtiges Gerät für Windows, der Benutzer erlaubt, um den webcam und die Arbeitsfläche zu teilen, schützen Sie zusammen zu dem gleichen Zeitpunkt. ScreenCamera kann von mehrfachen Anträgen gleichzeitig benutzt werden und Skype vollkommen mit MSN Messenger bedient werden, Yahoo, AOL, Live Messenger, Stickam, oder irgendein anderes Video conferencing Programm oder eine Website. Das Programm macht mehr als gleichzeitigen webcam und Desktopteilen. Es bewältigt Microsoft Windows Einschränkung, es einem webcam nicht zu erlauben, von mehr als einem Antrag benutzt zu werden. Mit ScreenCamera, den Sie Ihren webcam auf mehrfachen Anträgen zum gleichen Zeitpunkt benutzen können. ScreenCamera kann benutzt werden, entfernte technische Unterstützung sehr kosteneffektiv bereitzustellen, weil es schon mit irgendeinem freien Video conferencing Programm völlig vereinbar existent ist. Das Programm kann benutzt werden auch zu demonstrieren, dass Softwareanträge, Überblicksdokumente, Vorträge, Anteilsfotos und Videos und mehr geben. ScreenCamera wird entworfen, um mit dem Desktopbildschirm zu arbeiten und webcam simultaneouly, der Größenbestimmung unterstützt, Positionierung, und sich von Rahmen zu verändern, auf-der-geht, ohne je die Videoausgabe anzuhalten. ScreenCamera ist auch von Besonderheiten gerammelt voll, leichte Desktopmanipulation und null Einmischung zu erlauben, während sie Ihren Bildschirm teilen. Es bleibt sogar unsichtbar für jene Ihre Arbeitsfläche entfernt ansehend. Ob Sie sind, lebt ein Geschäftsbesitzer, der sorgen will, technische Unterstützung zu Ihren Kunden ohne viel Geld auszugeben, einen Heimbenutzer, der Fotos teilen will und Filme mit Hilfe Ihres vorgezogenen unmittelbaren Boten spielt, ein Manager, der für einen kosteneffektiven Weg sieht, Dokumente zu überprüfen oder Softwareanträge on-line demonstriert, oder einfach jemand, der den webcam auf mehrfachen Anträgen benutzen muss, ScreenCamera hat die Werkzeuge, die Sie brauchen. Downloads: 131

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Ein Programm zum Empfang von Wetterberichten und Navigationwarnungen die auf Lang- und Kurzwelle in RTTY, NAVTEX, HF-FAX (WEFAX), GMDSS DSC und NWR SAME ubertragen werden. Es ist keine zusatzliche Hardware erforderlich - Sie benotigen nur einen Empfanger und einen PC mit Soundkarte. Downloads: 127

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SecureBridge is a library of nonvisual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C++Builder. They provide support for secure connection with remote services using SSH protocol. It is enough to place components that implement functionality of the client and storage, and specify the server adress and the user login information to establish secure connection. Downloads: 118

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Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones

Send free SMS messages from your computer. Send fun SMS to friends and family. Easy to use and fun. Works with US and Canada carriers. Send to your friends phones. Easy to use and fun. Downloads: 135

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Send To Phone

"Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters! With ""Send to Phone"", you can transfer files with a few mouse clicks. The files you send to your mobile phone should be supported by the mobile phone." Downloads: 117

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Serial Printer Logger

Do not omit this logger program! Serial Printer Logger can supersede your aged serial printers and capture bytes in real time to a binary log file, a PDF or a MS RTF document. This deputizing will economize your money (paper, consumables, maintenance). The software parses ESCP2 control codes and decodes graphics, fonts from bytes flow. So you can reprint files later or make a backup copy. Amazing functionality at an acceptable worth! Downloads: 102

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SIM Card Information Rescue Tool

SIM card data recovery software recovers complete phone book contact numbers with contact name and messages (Inbox, Outbox items) from corrupted sim card of mobile phone. Mobile phonebook backup tool supports all GSM 2G, 3G sim card’s technologies. Downloads: 94

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SIP H.323 IAX Audio Conference Server (MCU)

H.323 SIP IAX Audio Conference Server (MCU), allows mixed conferences between H.323, SIP and IAX users. Supports various audio codecs, web interface, runs on Linux and Windows. Fully functional demo version available. Downloads: 119

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SIP@Home is a SIP Proxy server for Windows OS. It allows make calls between SIP devices, such as mobile phone, PC, PSTN. SIP@Home works as traditional SIP proxy server or as full proxy, when all traffic includes voice data goes through SIP@Home. When SIP@Home works in full proxy mode it easy to configure home router to forward voice traffic through NAT, because it is needed to forward only 1 port and you don't need to configure each SIP device, only proxy. Downloads: 124

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SkypeAttendant is a virtual attendant to automatically answer your SkypeIn or Skype to Skype calls. Callers simply say the name of the person they are calling and SkypeAttendant automatically transfers the Skype call to that person. SkypeAttendant uses text to speech technology which means you can quickly customize all voice prompts using a simple text editor. Visit for a live demo. Click the Skype Downloads: 111

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With SkypeCap you are able to record microphone audio chatting and moreover, the most interesting part - webcam real-time Skype video. Your partner won`t be aware his/her video and audio session being captured by SkypeCap. You can also capture audio chatting in Skype-out mode. You can make a call to any of your friends cell phone or office number and start recording and saving it. Downloads: 130

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SkypeTransfer extends the basic capabilities of SkypeTM and enables you to transfer Skype calls to anyone in your Skype contact list. A great tool designed to enable Skype manual call routing. Using SkypeTransfer, the operator can place the caller on Downloads: 111

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Smart Dialer

Make stylus-free phone calls from your PDA by tapping the screen with your fingers. My Lucky PDA Smart Dialer makes phone dialing smarter, faster and more convenient than ever by introducing brand-new logic to the dialer. Tap a button with a number or character, and Smart Dialer will shrink the list of available contacts to show only the matching names or phone numbers. The innovative approach makes it easy to place calls without having to use the aim-and-hit with a stylus. Just slide your finger to control contacts or edit phone numbers instantaneously! Using a national alphabet? Smart Dialer adapts to many languages, allowing you to use characters from various alphabets to organize and find contacts. You can even create your own alphabet and use two alphabets such as Latin and Cyrillic at the same time! The different layouts can be switched by simply sliding a finger, just like in iPhone. Smart Dialer makes calling your contacts from a PDA simple and convenient. No more aiming and hitting tiny buttons with a stylus! The innovative user interface of Smart Dialer is highly customizable, allowing you to connect to your most-called contacts faster than ever. Just look at the unique button layout of Smart Dialer, and you'll wonder why it wasn't the default dialer in your PDA since day one! You can choose between standard and advanced button layouts. Smart Dialer almost turns your PDA into a dedicated mobile phone by allowing you to assign hard buttons to typical phone actions. Press and hold an assigned button to place a call or send a text message immediately! Smart Dialer will inform you whether a call is connected with several different vibrating patterns. If your contact is busy or not available, Smart Dialer will automatically redial the number. Downloads: 141

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Total Recall S60 Call Recorder

Total Recall (tm) 3.1.0 Call Recorder by Killer Mobile Software from the makers of BlackBaller (tm) & AutoPilot, two of the most popular Series 60 programs ever comes Total Recall (tm) - Quite simply the easiest, most user friendly conversation/extended recorder utility ever. At Killer Mobile Software, we pride ourselves in providing simple, stable software with just the right mix of features so as not to be overly complicated to use. FEATURES INCLUDE: No beep while recording *Unlimited recording time *Extremely small footprint *Record in extremely memory efficient AMR format *Can run completely transparent if you chose so *Optional Password Protection of the application *Export or Delete recorded clips in batches *User friendly naming scheme - plus the ability to name the clips manually *Very intuitive user interface - you'll be up and recording in minutes! *FREE Updates! *Hot Key Support * 100% Beep Free Recording Update 1/11/2008 - v2.0.1 Now Symbian Signed AutoStart on reboot; now functional Hot Keys; now functional Improved Manual Recording All-in-One beep free version; Improved In-app user guide; ** NOTE: On the Nokia E50, E51, E71, N81, N82 6110, 6120 set the warning tones setting of your active profile to "Off" to achieve beep free recording. **NOTE 2: Hot Key Usage - to manually start/stop/pause recording we have implemented the following key presses: Toggle Start/Stop Recording - Press and hold the green answer key for two seconds Pause Recording - Press and hold the joystick to the left for two seconds. Don't believe us that Total Recall is literally the industry standard of call recording applications? Then give it a try? All Killer Mobile Software applications come with a free, non-feature limited 14 day demos. Install and see for yourself! Copyright 2008 - Killer Mobile Software LLC - All Rights Reserved. Downloads: 137

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TRx Call Recorder Windows CE

TRx is a phone call recording program for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. This phone recording software allows you to manually or automatically record telephone calls on your portable device.Designed to help you meet legal call recording requirements for business the TRx phone recorder is simple to install and easy to use and you'll be ready to record telephone calls in just minutes. TRx Features ~Save recordings as wave or gsm files ~Automatic mirror of recordings to an alternative folder for backup ~Regulates recording volumes levels automatcially ~No extra hardware is needed Downloads: 112

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Turbo Message+ SMS Software

Turbomessage+ versendet und empfängt SMS über eine Standardinternetverbindung. Senden Sie eine SMS direkt von Ihrem PC, weltweit. Durch deutsch Direktrouting wird Ihre Nachricht innerhalb von wenigen Sekunden zugestellt. Versenden Sie eine SMS genauso einfach an mehrere Empfänger, inklusive persönlicher Anrede. Durch ein einfaches Prepaidsystem haben Sie die volle Kostenkontrolle. Downloads: 122

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Twilight Utilities Skype Forwarder

Skype to phone and phone to Skype. Never miss a Skype call again. Skype Forwarder forwards Skype calls to your cell phone. As well it functions as a phone to Skype gateway. Use your cell phone to make and receive Skype calls. Use your voice modem as a VOIP gateway. Build a single line pbx with Skype as your backbone. Downloads: 130

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TwitterOnTheRun makes twitter friend adder, twitter auto follow, twitter bot, twitter tools, twitter apps and you can add more followers on twitter. TwitterOnTheRun works on both PC and Mac. It will follow about 500-800 targeted people a day. It will unfollow anyone that does not follow you after 24 hours automatically. Downloads: 150

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Ultra Advanced Remote Motion Security Su

The program has been created as general program for surveillance hybrid platforms functioning simultaneously with wireless and wired IP webcams, Television-boards, capture boards, power-line, and USB cameras. It has web interface with the similar look and functionality on the local and distant computers. Customers watch MPEG-4 coded video and have complete control of the program via net that security station can be operated with no screen, keyboard, and mouse connected. Software`s modular structure extensively increases reliability because all units proceed as autonomous software. If one module freezes, other units go on running. For instance if the `capture` component stops working, `watchdog` restarts it right away that users don`t notice anything because they are watching picture using a `playback` component. The software does `cyclic` recording that the `disk full` situation never occurs. The recording can be constant or it can be turned on by activity, human face recognition, or by calendar. The software has pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. Playing back recorded video is pretty easy and performs on the surveillance workstation as well as on apart server via Web interface. The software does synchronized video playback for event examination from multiple cameras at the same time. Also recorded data can be searched by date, time or by face detected. All recorded data can be encrypted and password protected. Downloads: 138

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Uplink Skype to Sip Adapter

Uplink connects SIP protocol VoIP calls to the proprietary Skype phone network. It works in both directions. Connects both incoming and outgoing calls to the Skype network. Can be used to make SkypeOut calls from a SIP device or SIP PBx. Can receive SkypeIn calls and direct them to your SIP extension. Fully complies with the RFC3261 for SIP signalling Downloads: 129

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Upload To Your Mobile Phone

Upload2Phone is the easiest way to upload your newly created cell phone wallpaper and MP3 ringtones to your Internet enabled cell phone. No need for cables or other special software. Just enter the link displayed and download your files direct to your cell phone. Downloads: 128

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Vbuzzer Messenger

All in one instant messaging software that support VoIP, internet fax, RSS, video conferencing, and support Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and ICQ. VoIP features include free internet calls, low cost PC to phone, and phone to PC calls. Internet fax features include sending and receiving fax over Vbuzzer Messenger. RSS features include subscribing RSS feeds from user`s favorite web sites, or from personal blogs of friends Downloads: 135

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VideoPort VCS

VideoPort VCS, a video conferencing server, is a software product for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 operating systems. The client application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Both server and client applications help to set up multi-user video conferencing system through a LAN or the Internet. The software is tailored to work with a large number of online users and makes it possible to hold up to 100 participants in single video conference. VideoPort VCS Features: 1) Personal video calls. 2) Multipoint video conferences for up to 16 participants; 3) Video meetings for up to 100 participants; 4) Video lectures and broadcasts for distance learning and remote tutoring; 5) Rich collaboration tools (instant messaging, file transfer, slide shows and presentations, desktop sharing, conference recordings, white board). To set up a video conference in a corporate network, you will not need expensive equipment as VideoPort VCS videoconferencing server does not convert video streams. VideoPort VCS has low channels requirements due to a unique video codec and transport levels, which prevents server CPU overload. This means that any modern PC with a dual core processor and Hyper Threading technology can be used as server. We have collected many feedbacks from our users in the recent years. Many of them have been implemented in VideoPort VCS server by our experts. All of this allowed us to make VCS a really impressive and fully functional video conferencing solution. Free trial available. Download VideoPort VCS 3.1 now! Downloads: 129

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Vilongu HTTP SOCKS tunneler

Vilongu HTTP SOCKS tunneler is a transparent proxy server client for SOCKS/HTTP proxy servers. It is easy to configure as it can intelligently tunnel the internet traffic alone bypassing the LAN traffic. Vilongu HTTP SOCKS tunneler is able to run in Windows XP/2003/Vista. Its main features include: Supports almost all network applications transparently even which doesn't have option to work behind proxy server Supports IE, messengers, online gaming software, ftp clients, email clients etc... Simple configuration within a minute client can be configured for use Makes direct TCP connection to proxy server & accelerates the connection speed by changing the TCP parameters Downloads: 138

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