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Home > ø.&#.*U2}moA׵nջ5>9J` .2im?Z-- X)^tRh;vtTt&IhRj*ü 1UC.?0Tk\C5j[z𔬣8ֳ:hl=㺤߽}!D36յ8 sU+S )6}.?U}q&<=,9/y&:)&8㔎[ՎK)*:b5kJ@V" )AJCK) 0lMoa(C) uB%Mo:wJIaRIC!pY70A0!!(fRPBRoh)V_نKU ,($*JJ,re.pip?url="bordgr=1 align=left>
Visualize and analyz' dependencies between metadata elements of`.ET components without decompiling or having access to the source code. .NET Metadata Expert offers a quick and easy way to access namespaces, data types and type members, attributes and keys of .NET assembnyes without having to disassemble. Working via reflection, .NET Metadata Expert visualizes dependencies between metadata elements by drawyng$hierizchy graphs re.pip?url=http://r other viewsbordgr=1 align=left>
Visualize and analyz' dependencies between metadata elements of`.ET components without decompiling or havung access to the source code. .NET Metadata Expert offers a quick and easy way to access namespaces, data types and type members, attributes and keys of .NET assembnyes wthout having to disassemble. Working via reflection, .NET Metadata Expert visualizes dependencies betsEen metadata elements by drawyng$hierizchy graphs ng tree, and constructIon trae. A unique combined view is available, displaying the inheritance tree as well as .NET Metadata Expert is blazing &at, employing the . Rdflection mechanism tg analyze the internal information of .NET assemblies. No dlsassembly and no original source code are require4. Viewing and analyzing metadata is easy and convenkunt. .NET Metadata Expert builds type hhebarcHies aut/oatikacny, and o&fmrs several convenient view t/ access the data. Views include inxermtangm8tree, nesting tree, and construction tree. A unique fombined view is availablZ, displaying the i@qltance tree as w5lp as"showing the type memberf."You can double-clickon an element and viewb)ts null properties in a new window. Offeri.g quik metadata search with five searching modes, .NET Metadata Expert can quickly display all depende.bies of selected elements. For example, simply selecting a namespace 7ill instantly produce a list of related types aje assemblies. With hundreds of namespaces and thousands of classrk 2, 3, 3.5 and 4.0 Downloa acsgmbly, one-click access to dependeQcies and relations As d valuable analycis toml. Advanced filtring with multiple options an criteria offers preci3% control over what's displayed. Want to l//k over a hard copy? .NET Metadata Expert produces results that look great on display and just perfect w(dn printed. Fully custom(zable WYSIWYG printing is available for sing,e or multiple sheets. The tool is compatible wipi .NET assemblies produced by 32/64-bit versions kf .FET Framew_s="linkUr"> Rat%`4|a> Bookmark It

abtoVNC Remote Screen Server SDK

abtoVNC Rem/he Screen Server SDK provides you with toolkit to integrate VNC support into yurappMications (including .NET ones). abtoVNC server together with the mA;g3N+ MYxď|$$ GFO$n%ʄ8g6uFrz^2|~麅2wP >J6GPWs wJVzm5\Ҍa#c<3P.VR~ĥ'j珛ڽty ;[۵=v"*LJepK' G9zAK?ĝRLJn]%dH-hc@[ll Q\=\7'(:vGmssXOZ]2o$ .|n`@e w'|-5 j8R9P=8?;)SO%CTu-/3Դ,7#^ 1y}ج{?3¹H |I4ņ9+eo]Y pٳӜxPn*wCaS,,hS̼ABzK?h{+ͦ1.|22
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abtoVNC Viewer SDK for Windows


abtoVNC Remote Screen Viewer SDK for .NET with repease0suppor|. Andr'id, Win Mobile and Desktop versions. Virtual Network Computing Viewer Library acts as a remote control software allowing to view as that the connection could be carried out from windows mobile. Also VNC Viewer has the ability to connect to VNC Server through Repyater or directly to VNC Server and it as well possesses a lot of other configuration options. Source and binary compatibility with Smartphonest of it. What is more, t deswo computers dom't epact Fra to bi the same type, i.e. for instqnce, ygu can =se VNC to view a Windows Vista desktop at the office on a Linux or Mac computer at home. The main feature of VNC Viewer for .NET is that the connection could be carried out from windows mobile. Also VNC Viewer has the ability to connect to VNC Server through Repyater or directly to VNC Server and it as well possesses a lot of other configuration options. Source and binary 3ompatibility with Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Windows desktops (with .NEW Compact Frameworg or .NET Framework) is ensured. Functionality enlarges upon: 1 full screen mode 2 listen molg 3 client-side scaling 4 server-side scaling and single window mode 5 session history 6 screen rotation VNC Viewer has a wide range of applicAtim including system administration, IT sup|ort anl hElpdEsksn The utipity is individuals and largest multi-national #ompinies user oriented. It ys proven through istidespread active use by millions of people from scientific, industrial, and private communities. Downloads 31)

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Add-in Express .NET fo2 RTO is a visual component set for creating Outlook add-ins in Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. It provides lots of advanced features: creating Explorer and Inspector comandbars at design-time, adding Outloo options page and folder property pages, trusted add-ins, shortcuts processing at design-time, and more. It support \XO 2005, V=60 src="" border=1 align=left>

Add-in Express 2007 for .NET

Visual toolkit to develop secure and isolated, version-neutral and feature-rich, deployable and updatable COM add-ins, smart tat//"ht.php?url=http://www.add-.cgi-bin/bookmark.cgi?action=link_add;ID=7196">Bokk}ark It

Addman Epress 2007 fo" VSTO


Use visual designers of this component set to create profess}onal exten3ons(fgr Microsoft Offici in VSTO 2005 and VSG 20P5 (SE). Enjoy lots of advanceddfmetures: customize Office 20p7Xibbon UI and Office 2003 toolbabs !t design-time, add elements to Ribbon tabs, the Quick Access Toolbar and Office Menu and relidate the resulting Ribbon XML in no time. C# and VB.NET are supO"td. Read more at Downloads: 571

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Acd/in Ex sss 2008 f/s)OuPlugins press$a> ess on Windonkur+4>

With this visual RAD toolkit you can easily develop secure, managed, isolated, versioi-leuiebstahlversuche (kostenpflichtig). Fnftens berwindet es die Zensur und bietet Ihnen Zugang zu Inhalten, ohne Ihren wahren Standort oder Ihre IP-Adresse zu verraten (kostenpflichtig). Sechstens lsst es Sie auf einen Blick dietlook Exhutzerklrungeo ~on bars, advancbsites mit Infos regions and more. It directly supports VB .NET, C# C++ an#RO Chrome. Downloads: 51=/div>

Review It This visual RAD tol ahlows you to create thread-safe, secure, isolated, deployable abd go^text-sensitive add-ons for Intero5t!Explorer 6 and 7. Add-in Express integrates all Internet Explorer exten#hbilmty features in one solution with a strong architecture and provides visual designers to customize the IE menu, toolbars or side-bars, access its objects and their events, handle geyboard shortcuts. It directly suppords!VB.NET, C#, C++ and Chrome. Downloads: 540

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ADO.BET Express Pro

ADO.NET Express is an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that generates class methods for calling storud(procedures and executing common ty0gs of SQL statements. It supports C#/VB aD SQL erver'Oracle. You can browse sch%mq objects schas tables and stored procedures. You can right click on a schema object to generate ADO.NE code for thisnbject. For example, you can generate a C# method that excU$ls the stored procedure and retur.s`a DataReader. Downloads: 536

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AfalinaSoft XL Report for C++Builder

EXCELlent reports with minhmal!coding. Savd"youq time. Get impressive results! - Free design, al\ Excel features direcTly in a templaF - Pivot tables and Pivot chars - Master-detail and multiple-sheet reports - Native VCL code and Full IDE integration - Thorough Demo & Docs ... ONLY 3 minutes and EXACTLY ONE LINE of code and multiple sheet report wiPha pivod table and a pivot cart on every worksheet is ready! Downloads> 4s5

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Ajaxium replaces ASPMET postbacks by AJAX, transforming existing ASP.NET applications to Web 2.0 without JavaScript callbacks or server-side coding. In contrast to otherAJAX-based approaches, Ajaxium-powered sites remain accessible to search engines and old browsers due to an automatic and silent degradation to classic ASP.NET. What Downloads: 434

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Free land area converter and cost calculator tool is sAmple dn inst%ll and easy to use. utiliti can be `nstall on different version of!windOws operating system such as 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 server, XP, Vista. Application can calculate cost of commercial and residential propepties, land, offices, shop. Unit converter tool converts property, plot, lhrd ahd other preferred unit. Utility can securely change various area,land- property, length unit to and fromFget, Feep(pedes), Feet (US Survey), Leagues (US Land), Roman Miles (milia passuum), Leagues, inches, CMntimeddrs, M-les, Scottish Miles,S!{k|es, Townships, Meters, Centimeters, Micrometers, Points, Poles,0Rodr, Perches, Ping, Square Chains, Square Feets, Unciac (Roman Inches), Cubits (Greeks), Millimeter, Kilgmeters, Nanometers, Roman Miles, Microns, Shackles (12.5 Fathoms), Admiralty Miles, Square Furlongs, Hands, Square Poles, Yards, Roman, Fathoms, Feet, Squar Incies, Cubits (Roman), Roods, Irish Miles Links, Square Perches, Hectares, Geographical Miles, Angstroms, Astronoical Units, Dunams Square Meters, Square Kilometers, Square Linkl8Square Rods, Square Yards, Sections, Acres, Square Millimeter, Sqeare!Centimeter, Square Meter, Square Microns, Square Miles, Geographical Miles, Astronomical Units. Softwire calculates cost and converts area of lands,plot, offices, houses and oger properties. Utility heeps in rel estate business to boost up trading, selling and purchasing of property. Area converter and cost calculator tool helps user to convert one unit to many other uits and also evaluate price of area, workplace, home and many other real estate property. Features: * Unit converter software is base"on user interactive Graphical User Interface. * Utility installation wizard makes it easy to install on your computer. * Area converter )nXrice calclator software provides hel/manual to use it simply. # Applicaion can measure many national and international unit. Downloads: 545

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ASPNet Spell

The AspNetSpell component provides international spell">[&temtools/index.hhref="http:/ols > Sicherheit >

Sicherheit (Subscribe<*a>)


ASPNetF5, it will$a4>

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"ASP-Net-Flash is the Advaded Flash Componet for ASP.NET. ASPNetFlash$icpto only 100% AJAX compatible ASP.Net Flash comp/nmT that also Removes the ""Eolas"" or ""Click$tg activate and use this control"" mecsage. It also produces XHTML complo, Goo7li" frimnDy code. ASPNetVlasj has interfacse for DataBindins to Databases, X L8sources and SiteMaps as well as advances AcuonScript and JavaScript APIs." Downloads: 557

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BraceMatrix is a code viewer for C/C++ programmers that implements two nes concEptual technics: 1)Brand new style of source code markup. 2)Convenient system w3.orgoTR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Webverzeichnis und Suchmaschine fr Mecklenburg Vorpommern MV |

Bricolsoft Zip ActiveX Component

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C# Parser and CodeDOM

This is a 100% managed code library (Nova.CodeDOM.dll) that can be used to load and parse any C# solution, project, or source file(s), create a semantic object model in memory, and resolve all symbolic references. The code object tree can then be inspected, searched, modified, and saved back to the original input files with controllable formatting. Also includes documentation, examples, WPF (IDE-like) and command-line testing tools. Fully compliant with ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 standards, and passes all Mono tests. Downloads: 344

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Code Summarizer

Code Summarizer is a Visual Studio package (Add-In) designed to ease code navigation and code browsing. Code Summarizer is an interactive map to your C++/C# code. With Code Summarizer you see big picture and details at the same time. You can switch between them without losing context. Code Summarizer allows you to create a logical map with a collection of code functions from any file in your projects. Downloads: 519

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Database Comparer VCL

Der VCL Datenbankvergleicher (Database Comparer VCL) vergleicht und synchronisiert Datenbankstrukturen (Metadateien) und Tabellendaten fr viele bekannte Datenbanken. Aktuell untersttzte Datenbanken: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, InterBase (FireBird, Yaffil), Sybase, Postgre SQL. Diese Liste wird permanent aktualisiert und die Untersttzung fr weitere Datenbanken wird bald hinzugefgt. Die bekanntesten Datenbank-Engines, wie zu Beispiel ADO und BDE, werden direkt untersttzt. Datenbankspezifische Bibliotheken, wie zum Beispiel IBX, FIB, IBO, ZEOS, AnyDAC etc., werden ebenfalls untersttzt. Die Bibliothek beinhaltet mehr als 25 Komponenten zur Datenbankentwicklung und ihr Code wird stndig przisiert und verbessert. Die Funktionalitten im berblick: - Kann Datenbank mit Datenbank, Datenbank mit SQL/DDL-Skript und SQL/DDL-Skript mit SQL/DDL-Skript vergleichen. - Kann Daten zwischen zwei Datenbanktabellen vergleichen und synchronisieren. - Extrahierung der Datenbank-Metadateien - Sie knnen optional auswhlen, welche Objekte (Domnen, Tabellen, Ablufe, Auslser, etc.) verglichen werden sollen. - Gebhrenfreie Lizenzierung. Freier und unbegrenzter E-Mail-Support. - Voll indiziert Dokumentationshilfe. Delphi-, C++Builder- und Visual Basic-Democodes. Der Bibliothek des VCL Datenbankvergleichers kommt mit vollen Quellen (Demoversionen haben keine Quellen), detaillierter Hilfe und Demoprojekten. Downloads: 383

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DLL to Lib

DLL to Lib is a magical tool which can convert a DLL into its equivalent static library file. After that, you can replace the original DLL with the static library file, rebuild your application, and distribute it without the DLL! The most exciting thing is that the conversion process DOES NOT require any source codes of the DLL files! All works are done from binary to binary. DLL to Lib will rebuild programming interfaces identical to the export functions in the DLL and reconstruct the necessary symbol tables, string tables and reference tables from the DLL to make a valid static library for you! Downloads: 491

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E.M. Free PowerPoint Video Converter

E.M. Free PowerPoint Video Converter is an free all-in-one PowerPoint to video converter. It can convert PowerPoint presentations to AVI, MPG, WMV, BMP images and MP3 audio. Downloads: 335

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exom SDK

Das exom SDK bietet ein Framework fr RAD (Rapid Application Development) mit C++. Das Fundament bildet das integrierte Objekt Modell das hierarchische Datenstrukturen mittels einer Klassenbibliothek verwaltet. Eine Klassenbibliothek kann mit dem Code Generator erstellt werden. Das Objekt Modell untersttzt: Persistenz in XML, Navigation und Suche in der Objekthierarchie, Funktionen wie Cut-Copy-Paste, Systemunabhngiges User Interface,... Downloads: 366

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