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ASP Barcode Generator Script

Easily add dynamic barcode generation capability to webpages with any web server or website hosting service that supports ASP script processing with the ASP Barcode Generator Script Package. This component will create barcodes with an ASP script, which is provided in pure ASP source code form. This implementation is easy to embed in HTML as a high-quality GIF or JPG image with the IMG tag and is compatible with all browsers. This script supports linear barcode types including Code 128 (with character sets A, B and C), GS1-128 or UCC/EAN-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, Industrial 2 of 5, USPS Postnet and Planet. Downloads: 120

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Form Pilot Pro

Software zum Ausfüllen von Papier- und elektronischen Formularen auf Ihrem PC. Schreibmaschinen sind ab sofort überflüssig! Zur Nutzung zuhause und im Büro empfohlen, da das Programm für die Arbeit mit großer Anzahl von Dokumenten geeignet ist. Downloads: 206

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IPDS Print Server

IT managers and system administrators have long struggled to make IBM AS400-based data and Mainframe spooled files available in Windows environments. With IPDS Print Server software, AS400 host data and Mainframe spooled files can be sent to Windows-based printers or accessed on Windows-based systems. IPDS Print Server allows PC users to emulate their existing Laserjet, Inkjet printers, or MFP devices into IPDS capable printers that fully supports the IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) protocol. Using this software emulation solution for IPDS printing, users can print reports of IBM IPDS data streams produced from a wide range of systems such as AS400, i series, IBM power, and mainframe systems with a resolution up to 600 dpi, plus seamless emulation switching. Users also get tray and bin mapping and integrated-solution support features. IPDS Print Server is a pure software emulation solution for IPDS printing, which translates IPDS directly into common printer languages eliminating the need for expensive investment on specialized hardware, extra software, and major reprogramming on the host side. The IPDS Print Server software assigns a hot folder as a virtual tray to each of your non-IPDS printers, and it enables fast and flexible printing from mainframe, midrange and other non-Windows host systems - such as UNIX, AIX, AS400, IBM Power Series, System z, and Linux - to any Windows-based printers. Easy to install and integrate, IPDS Print Server simplifies cross-platform printing and central management of print jobs. With the help of IPDS to PDF (Portable Document Format) converter plug-in, users can print AFP / IPDS to PDF files without difficulty, thereby conserving bandwidth, and promoting fast transmission of print documents for previewing, printing and archiving. Organizations using IPDS Print Server will gain the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and reduced cost. For the complete list of features, visit our website. Downloads: 121

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PCLCodes Translates, Debugs and Disassembles HP PCL. Great for learning PCL. Downloads: 198

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PrinTao 8

PrinTao 8 erlaubt einfaches und effizientes Drucken von Bildern, wobei die Software dem Nutzer die komplizierten Druck-Einstellungen abnimmt, um hochwertige Ausdrucke zu erzeugen. Neue Dokumente legt man durch Auswahl von Druckermodell, Tinte, Papiersorte und -größe sowie die Art der Papierzufuhr an. Die Bilder lassen sich neben den lokalen Fotoordnern auch aus bestehenden iPhoto-, Aperture- und Lightroom-Bibliotheken importieren. PrinTao 8 skaliert, spiegelt und rotiert Bilder, die sich auch zuschneiden und um IPTC- oder EXIF-Meta-Daten ergänzen lassen. Zudem bietet PrinTao 8 ein ICC-Farbmanagement und stellt zahlreiche Vorlagen zur Verfügung, die Gitter- und Rastervorlagen umfassen. Downloads: 0

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