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ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool

Das System-Informations-Tool ASTRA32 analysiert ein PC-System und gibt dann detailierte Informationen desselben aus, wie z.B. Prozessor- und Co-Prozessor-Typ, CPU- und Bus-Frequenz. Des weiteren werden dann erweiterte Information bezüglich Features von CPU, Cache, Mainboard, Festplatte, S.M.A.R.T., CD-/DVD-Laufwerk, SCSI, Speichermodule, Chipsatz, BIOS, PCI/AGP, USB, ISA/PnP, DMI/SMBIOS, Monitor, Grafikkarte, Soundkarte, Netzwerkkarte, Drucker etc. ausgegeben. Zusätzlich kann dies dann in einer Datei gespeichert werden (Plain-Text, INI, HTML, XML oder CSV-Format). Kann im Command-Line-Modus gestartet werden. Downloads: 44

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Auslogics Benchtown

Are you sure that your computer is running at its top speed? Test your PC's performance and find out its real speed. With BenchTown you can run multiple system performance tests that will push even the latest hardware to its limits. This will allow you to find out whether your PC could be even faster. You can then compare your score with thousands of users from around the world on, discuss your PC's configuration, find out which hardware you need to upgrade and resolve the issues that may be affecting your system's speed. BenchTown tests the following computer subsystems to measure PC performance: - CPU - RAM - HDD - 2D Graphics - 3D Gaming Graphics The program gives you a score based on the performance of your computer at the end of the test. It also generates a complete system performance and system configuration report that you can share with your friends and other computer enthusiasts or use for troubleshooting your system. Even though the tests performed by the program are thorough and advanced, BenchTown is light, fast, efficient and very easy to use. Running benchmarks on a regular basis will help you keep your hardware up-to-date and your PC fast and healthy. Downloads: 6

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HSLAB Sys Monitor Lite

HSLAB Sys Monitor is a real-time monitoring and statistics tool that allows you to keep an eye on a specific system performance value. You can choose from CPU, memory, network connections, network traffic, disk space, connected users and more. You can only monitor one of these values at a time, but easily switch between them as needed. The small display can be placed anywhere on your screen and takes up very little desktop space. Downloads: 74

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HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro

Das Tool Sys Monitor von HSLab dient der erweiterten Uberwachung eines Windows-Systems. Die Uberwachung wird in einer schmalen Leiste angezeigt, die frei verschoben werden kann. Des weiteren kann der Sys Monitor bei einer wichtigen Veranderung der System-Parameter und bei Stabilitatsproblemen den User alamieren (uber Farbe oder Sound). Downloads: 75

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Performance Monitor

"Performance Monitor is a program that shows you the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization under Windows NT platforms (2000, XP+). It`s composed by four fully configurable small graphs and it can work in the tray area also. The windows are fully anchorable and by moving the ""CPU"" window you`ll move the other attached windows. PerfMon can become transparent and permits you to forward left-mouse clicks so you can place it anywhere." Downloads: 72

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PerformanceTest is a benchmark tool that allows everybody to quickly assess the performance of their computer and compare it to a number of standard Downloads: 74

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Zune Corrupt Disk Mode Recovery Tool

Zune music recovery software restores music, pictures, audio, video, album files and folders lost due to corruption, accidental deletion, formatting and improper handling of your Zune digital music player. Zune video restore utility supports all models of Microsoft portable Zune player like Zune 4, 8, 30, 80 etc. Zune data recovery tool retrieve lost deleted corrupted audio video music files and pictures when you transfer data between music players to computer or laptop via USB data cable. Zune diagnostic mode recovery utility repair data even if drive not formatted message is displayed by your Computer or Laptop while accessing Zune device in My Computer drive. Zune drive data recovery software support aif, aac, mp3, m4a, m4b, mov, aiff, avi, avr, cda, eda, mid, midi, mpa, wav and wma music file format. Zune recovery services provide thumbnail preview of the lost deleted formatted music files. Zune digital files recovery tool provides simple user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and software not required any special hardware or software for recover erased music files. Zune files retrieve utility salvage missing digital pictures, photographs, images of different format including gif, jpg, jpeg, tiff, png and bmp etc. Features:*Zune songs recovery software restores lost missing music songs, still pictures, animated files from your Zune media player. *software recovers Zune library when Zune music reset operation is performed. *Music files recovery software repair accidentally deleted audio video or pictures file when transfer data between Zune player through Wi-Fi network. *Zune music retrieval utility recovers damaged aac mov m4b m4a wav asf jpg format music files from Microsoft portable media player. * Zune songs rescue utility supports all Microsoft windows based operating system such as Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and also vista. Downloads: 81

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